Spider Kedelsky

Spider Kedelsky is a former choreographer, performing arts producer, and a co-founder of Town Hall Seattle.

Letter from Santa Fe: The “City Different”

Santa Fe is a unique and bewitching place, rich with cultural amenities, surrounded by stunning countryside and with lots of progressive thinking. It's a place where one can make friends easily, receive more types of alternative health treatments than ever imagined, and feast on the famed regional cuisine.

Seattle’s New Gem of a Waterfront Park

Perhaps my favorite element are the very comfortable bright yellow metal chairs that are placed around the site in discrete and aesthetically pleasing arrangements. The pier is also painted yellow. All this provides a note of dash and wit to the enterprise.

Making Do and Making Art During the Covid Sabbatical

The keys to adapting to the pandemic are to complete unfinished tasks, to make Zoom work for you, to solve problems, and to keep creating and displaying art.

Our Bromance with Bernie

With our limited patience with the lockdown, Bernie became if not an obsession, certainly a distraction from my oppressive jail time. Morning and evening I would hover about our window awaiting the arrival of our feathered guest.

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