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A Post Alley Roundtable: If Twitter Fails, What Will it Mean for Science, Sports, Arts?

By Tom Corddry, Douglas McLennan and Art Thiel

Roundtable: Reforming Voting in Seattle, Portland, and Alaska

A theory: "Recent moves to reform voting systems – here and elsewhere – are rooted in large part in growing public anxieties that our democracy, as currently constituted, is failing."

Post Alley Roundtable: A Husky Football Pacxit?

The answer is not to go back to the days of the esteemed Dr. Bergman's raccoon coats, but to go bigger.

Dark Days: Supreme Court Overturns Roe

The U.S. Supreme Court, in its ruling, takes away a right from all Americans. Five Post Alley contributors react.

Barnett & Kaushik: Why Seattle Police Cut Staff Investigating Sexual Abuse

Is this a story about SPD misallocating resources? Is it a story about understaffing at the Seattle Police Department? 

Roundtable: Seattle Politics — ‘Deep Blue but Deeply Divided’

Among the topics: the fading of Kshama Sawant, "anti-institutional populism," and the absence of an opposition party in local politics.

Post Alley Writers: a Roundtable on the Supreme Court’s Roe Bombshell

The 1992 protest march numbered nearly a half million participants. In April of 2005, more than a million abortion-rights activists joined in the March for Women’s Lives. Clearly, these demonstrations were not enough. Big rallies in the nation’s capital may not have been a winning strategy.

The Elon Musk Puzzle — A Post Alley Round Table

"I feel no ire toward Elon Musk, but I want to be able to stop thinking about him."

A Democrat Bloodbath in the Midterms? Post Alley Writers Debate

Only 27% of Americans believe we are on the right track, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls.

Barnett and Kaushik: A Debate About What Works and What Doesn’t in Addressing Street Crime

Erica Barnett: "So we're not investigating crimes, we're just arresting, and patrolling. We can do that for a while. But if the idea is to send a bunch of cops up to Ken's Market to just be patrolling around there, and to send a bunch of cops to permanently be in all kinds of other locations all over the city, we're going to run out of cops pretty darn fast."