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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Post Alley Zoomcast: Seattle Demonstrates

Post Alley writers David Brewster, Kevin Schofield, Nick Licata and guest Rev. Kelle Brown talk about protests in Seattle, CHOP and scenarios for outcomes.

Post Alley Zoomcast: A Week of Protest (06.05.20)

How are the city and its leaders doing as streets shut down, curfews are imposed (then rescinded) and demonstrations continue day after day? What are the likely changes and impacts coming out of this? Post Alley writers Sandeep Kaushik, Rose McAleese, Eric Scigliano and Kevin Schofield talk about the week's events.

Post Alley Zoomcast: Mort Kondracke and David Domke Discuss this year’s Election Prospects

Domke and Kondracke handicap the presidential race. What is Trump's map to reelection? And what does Biden need to do to win?

Zoomcast: Will Downtown Recover as Seattle Reopens?

This debate features Post Alley writers David Brewster, Michael Luis, Kathy Cain and Downtown Seattle Association CEO Jonathan Scholes.

Handicapping Joe Biden’s Veep Candidates

This is a subjective ranking by two women journalists with long careers in national politics and foreign policy. We invite our readers to comment with their own assessments as to who is up and who is down.

A Post Alley Zoomcast: COVID Versus the Arts – It Doesn’t Look Good

Post Alley writers and editors Barry Mitzman, Tom Corddry, David Brewster and Douglas McLennan talk about the ability of arts organizations to withstand the pandemic.

The Michael Bloomberg Lane: Is There One?

The billionaire ex-mayor of New York City isn't done thinking about being president. Post Alley writers think about that.

Latest Post Alley Posts

Millions of Birds in Trump’s Crosshairs

If this new legal opinion and its proposed rule are adopted, you can expect to see fewer birds.

Let’s Get Real: A (Modest) Proposal For A New National Anthem

You can't remember the words. You can’t sing the tune, which was composed for drunken Brits. So c'mon, let's designate a new anthem that really reflects America's values...

Our Corrupt Political Industry And How To Fix It

US politics is controlled iron-fistedly by a “duopoly”—of, by and for the Republican and Democratic parties, their donors, allied special interests and scores of vendors, pollsters, ad writers, idea suppliers and friendly media outlets.

Real As It Gets: Kristine Reeves On Going From Homeless To Running For Congress

Will Washington voters send to Congress a former foster child who beat the odds? Kristine Reeves wants to use her personal story to make a difference.

Seattle City Council Finally Crafts a ‘Boss-Tax’ That Can Survive

One positive step was the emergence of Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who happens to be the current budget chair and who knows how to consult with business for their views and to get other councilmembers on board.