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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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How Ranked Choice Voting can Disrupt Clown-Car Elections

How to turn a clown race into a process where each vote matters — even with so many candidates? More importantly, in such a crowded field, how do we avoid electing a clown whom a majority of voters really don't want? The state's current election system can't prevent it.

The Virtual Meeting: What Works, What Doesn’t

Because life is not “normal,” we don’t have to do what we’ve always done. The quarantine is an opportunity to have more intentional social gatherings, which can only enhance our interactions, regardless if they take place virtually or in-person.

Post Alley Zoomcast: Seattle Demonstrates

Post Alley writers David Brewster, Kevin Schofield, Nick Licata and guest Rev. Kelle Brown talk about protests in Seattle, CHOP and scenarios for outcomes.

Post Alley Zoomcast: A Week of Protest (06.05.20)

How are the city and its leaders doing as streets shut down, curfews are imposed (then rescinded) and demonstrations continue day after day? What are the likely changes and impacts coming out of this? Post Alley writers Sandeep Kaushik, Rose McAleese, Eric Scigliano and Kevin Schofield talk about the week's events.

Post Alley Zoomcast: Mort Kondracke and David Domke Discuss this year’s Election Prospects

Domke and Kondracke handicap the presidential race. What is Trump's map to reelection? And what does Biden need to do to win?

Zoomcast: Will Downtown Recover as Seattle Reopens?

This debate features Post Alley writers David Brewster, Michael Luis, Kathy Cain and Downtown Seattle Association CEO Jonathan Scholes.

Handicapping Joe Biden’s Veep Candidates

This is a subjective ranking by two women journalists with long careers in national politics and foreign policy. We invite our readers to comment with their own assessments as to who is up and who is down.

A Post Alley Zoomcast: COVID Versus the Arts – It Doesn’t Look Good

Post Alley writers and editors Barry Mitzman, Tom Corddry, David Brewster and Douglas McLennan talk about the ability of arts organizations to withstand the pandemic.

The Michael Bloomberg Lane: Is There One?

The billionaire ex-mayor of New York City isn't done thinking about being president. Post Alley writers think about that.

Latest Post Alley Posts

The Return of Byrne

It’s likely that many reading this piece were not among the audiences that made Stop Making Sense on of the most successful concert films of all time. I can only hope that they take advantage of the opportunity while it lasts.

What It Was Like Being A Volunteer For A Coronavirus Test-Vaccine

During the month after each shot I recorded information about my reactions and every week walked the two miles to the research office and had copious quantities of blood extracted for research. I experienced three periods of side effects (muscle aches, mild temperature spikes, etc.).

Big Political Shifts in the Fight for Police Accountability

Seattle reformers have lost patience with city hall and now are shifting their energies to Olympia. The reason is the long sidelining of true accountability reforms by Seattle politicians.

Why Russia Needs Four More Years of Trump

“Thanks to his disdainful attitude and his failures, our allies no longer trust or respect us, and our enemies no longer fear us” -- National Security Leaders for Biden

My Tea with RBG

What would you have asked Ruth Bader Ginsburg if you unexpectedly found yourself chatting like girlfriends?