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The Elon Musk Puzzle — A Post Alley Round Table

"I feel no ire toward Elon Musk, but I want to be able to stop thinking about him."

A Democrat Bloodbath in the Midterms? Post Alley Writers Debate

Only 27% of Americans believe we are on the right track, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls.

Barnett and Kaushik: A Debate About What Works and What Doesn’t in Addressing Street Crime

Erica Barnett: "So we're not investigating crimes, we're just arresting, and patrolling. We can do that for a while. But if the idea is to send a bunch of cops up to Ken's Market to just be patrolling around there, and to send a bunch of cops to permanently be in all kinds of other locations all over the city, we're going to run out of cops pretty darn fast."

Iconic KING Broadcasting Sold to Hedge Fund: News Alums Recall the Glory Years

The pioneering broadcast company was started in Seattle by the fabled Dorothy Bullitt, an indomitable business leader who ran the company, as did her three children, with panache, high standards, and idealism.

Debate: Does Seattle Have a Crime Problem?

"Look, if I had a small business, and I was standing behind a counter over there by 3rd and Union or 3rd and Pike, it probably would be a complete shit show. I'd probably be scared too."

Crossroads: A Turning Point for Downtown’s Freeway Park?

Mike James and David Brewster debate the future of Seattle's "hidden" park.

Post Alley Podcast: Sandeep Kaushik on what November’s Elections Tell us about Seattle

Are we beginning a new era in Seattle politics after this month's elections? Has the political landscape realigned itself?

Recall Sawant? Ex-Colleagues and Close Observers Weigh In

She was determined to be an activist first and a legislator second.  

Brewster & Connelly: Looking in on Gonzalez and Harrell

Joel Connelly and David Brewster look in on a Rotary Club zoom conversation with mayoral candidates Lorena Gonzalez and Bruce Harrell.

How Ranked Choice Voting can Disrupt Clown-Car Elections

How to turn a clown race into a process where each vote matters — even with so many candidates? More importantly, in such a crowded field, how do we avoid electing a clown whom a majority of voters really don't want? The state's current election system can't prevent it.