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Friday, October 30, 2020

Douglas McLennan

Doug is a longtime arts journalist, and the founder and editor of ArtsJournal.com, he's frequent keynoter on arts and digital issues, and works with a number of arts organizations nationally.

A New Funder Invests in the Future of Seattle Arts

All philanthropic support is not equal. And the pandemic lockdown demonstrates different approaches.

Reasonable Human Versus The Oleaginous Pence

While Trump tries to bludgeon you with brute force with his version of the world, Pence oozes over-the-top sincerity wrapped in a constant spew of faux flattery for the all-wise “American people.” While the styles are different, the intents are the same. The ever-obsequious Pence is, in fact, the almost perfect complement – the Mini-Me – to the crude and erratic Trump.

Lang Lang: A Goldberg Variations For Our Time

Surprise: A new recording of JS Bach's Goldberg Variations shows Lang Lang in a new light.

NPR Listenership Plunges, KING-FM on the Rise, and Other Evolving Media Habits

The COVID lockdown has meant less time in cars and cars are the place people listen to the radio.

The Arts Online: Ten Great YouTubes that wouldn’t have been made without Lockdown

Deprived of their usual performance venues, artists have turned to the internet to make and disseminate their art. The art is evolving quickly

New Numbers On Arts Losses, New Seattle Leadership at the Local and National Levels

Two marvelous leadership opportunities. Two chances to make a historic difference. Bad as the arts needs money right now, leadership is even more important.

The Virus has Flattened the Arts. But Why Rebuild When You Could Make Better?

You can see this as nothing but loss. Or perhaps some of our most intractable debates are now suddenly shaken free of their old moorings.

And Now For Something Completely Cynical: The COVID-Era TV Ad

Been noticing that the TV ads you see are all starting to look and sound the same? Mournful piano music, poignant images, nostalgic voice-overs and hopeful messages telling us to "stay strong"? America's Big Brands are here to help. Here's a video that parodies the new form - watch and you'll never look at these ads the same way again.

The Authoritarian’s Guide To COVID [video]

In this first Post Alley video, Carol Williams and Douglas McLennan talk about Russia's sudden shut down to deal with the COVID virus after claiming for weeks it wasn't spreading there.

Empty Seattle as Seen by Drones

The Seattle Downtown Association produces this video of a city emptied out.

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A New Funder Invests in the Future of Seattle Arts

All philanthropic support is not equal. And the pandemic lockdown demonstrates different approaches.

Want to end the Pandemic?

In a a rationally governed world it could be done, thereby opening up the enormous range of coordinated actions available to policy makers ready to look at hard facts before making hard but firm choices.

Demons and Devils: Halloween and its Growing Popularity

There’s something bigger, more malevolent, going on here. Something demonic.

More Consensus: Time to move to Ranked Choice Voting?

It induces candidates to build broad coalitions to win elections. They can’t win by just energizing their base. Instead, they must appeal to a wide coalition of voters to win second and third choices.

After Trump-Solving: Seattle Needs Problem Solving

The situation calls for local politicians to walk (fight Covid's spread) and chew gum (salvage the local economy) at the same time.