Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Steve, You’re So Detrimentalizing!”


Yesterday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accused Steven Clifford of beaming giant “Goyim Space Lasers” at unsuspecting American children.  Greene said that radiation from lasers “was designed to trigger genetic gender mutations, turning young girls into transcenders and young boys into transactors.”

Greene added that the Space Lasers were financed by George Soros, whom she labeled “the mastermind, and also the brains, of the International Worldwide Goyim Conspiracy that operates in the United States and two other countries.

“This evil conspiracy is trying to poisonize and pervertize young minds by teaching Critical Racing Theory, Transgressionism, and Transalpineism. They are grooming children become Transponders and Transporters.”  

Greene then condemned “Goyim-controlled school boards” for approving the textbooks that picture Homo Sapiens and Homo Erectus.

“It’s miscredible. It’s misbelievable,” Greene declared. “Eighth graders are forced to look at pictures of stark-naked Homos and their Erectuses.  This is disgusting, depraving, and detrementaling. It is mental, intellectual, and cerebral child abuse. Even worse, it affects how children think.”

Greene also accused the Goyim Conspiracy of “secretly financing the Black Livers Matter movement.”  

“Why should Black Livers matter anymore than my liver or your liver?” she demanded to know. “All livers matter. There is nothing special about Black Livers.”

Earlier this month, Green asserted that, “God created Adam and Eve. He did not create a bunch of letters. If two types of people are good enough for God, they are good enough for Real Americans. But now we have letter people–the NASDAQ people.

“I can’t remember who are the N people, or the A, S or D people, or all the rest of the these misfits. But I know they are worse than the Nazi Gazpacho Police.”

Greene previously accused Clifford, a Seattle-based Media Influencer with followers in the mid two figures, of belonging to a satanic cabal of Global Elites in government, media and entertainment. 

“These sex trafficking pedantophiles extract adrenochrome from the pineal glandes of kidnapped children,” Greene stated.  “The pedagogues then mix the adrenochrome with other photogenic drugs to enkindle and enervate their sex-crazed Satanic rituals. Then the Global Elite cannibalize the children and feast on dishes such as Ris d’Enfant à la Financière, Tournedos Jeune Fille, and Carbonnade de Garcon Flamande.”

Clifford responded that he was “honored to be included in the Global Elite as my applications to join the Madison Park branch of the East Central Seattle Elite have been repeatedly rejected.” 

He added that Greene was, on occasion, misinformed. “For example, Ris d’Enfant à la Financière, has not been on the menu since last October,” he pointed out.

Steve Clifford
Steve Clifford
Steve Clifford, the former CEO of KING Broadcasting, has written humor for and the Huffington Post. He is the author of "The CEO Pay Machine."


  1. Based on the example’s given in the article, it appears that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s command of the English, French and Yiddish languages is limited, at best.

    She evidently has developed her own patois which I find amusing.

  2. Is this revision sufficiently moderate:

    Based on the example’s given in the article, it appears that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s command of the English, French and Yiddish languages is limited.

    She evidently has developed her own patois which I find amusing.

  3. Steve, this is your best ever. It drew out-loud belly laughs — unhappily tempered by the thought that MTG is so nutso that it may be factual reportage.

  4. She needs to make a choice between transgenders and transactors vs.transponders and transporters. She can’t claim it all.

  5. Steve, you have followers at least in the mid three digits and i’m happy to say I’m one! This column was overthetopic boffolicious!

  6. MTG is so stupid she doesn’t realize how embarrassing or should I say misbarassing, she truly is. And was she talking about fried liver or chopped liver? Steve?

  7. Is she seriously still in our beautiful Capital with the title of congresswoman? My heart truly goes out to our crippled democracy. She’s the face now of our once great Republican party. Truly sad!

  8. It’s clear that education is not a needed to be in Congress. She couldn’t pass a 5th.grade English class; yet she thinks she is the smartest person in the room. What a dumb room.

  9. It is unbelievable the garbage that comes out of that woman’s mouth. How and why did the people of NW GA ever elect her to any political seat. She spews all these lies and can NEVER back them up with facts. Oh wait she probably doesn’t know how to fact check.

    • Now that the French asylum and its inhabitants in the King of Hearts ( have relocated to the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC, the original movie now needs to be revised. Given her unique acting skills, MTG needs to play the role of MTG in the update? Will she be willing? How many Oscars and/or Ig-Nobel Prizes will the film win?

  10. I’m not sure which is worse: the actual stuff that comes out of MTG’s mouth, or the clear fact that so many people here don’t recognize clearly satirical writing.

  11. Is anyone concerned that she may be loosing touch with reality? She sounds like she has snapped, and I don’t mean with her fingers. Wow!

  12. I can not understand who voted for this idiot and why she is even in congress this is a total embarrassment to the republican party .I just can’t believe people actually voted for this sick person the stuff she says is crazy please stop giving her a platform to stand on and say these truelly idiotic things

  13. Pramilla Jayapal could be an effective leader. But she’s uncomfortably close to MT.G. in some of her rhetoric that is on full display right now, while Congress takes up the issue of a debt ceiling compromise. I expect better than name calling, whether Republican or Democrat. I’m frankly embarrassed to see members of both parties wallowing in the mud, yelling insults at each other. This may make people feel good for about two minutes, but ultimately, it’s destructive to the health of our country. I look at all of these chest-thumping boasts and insults, and I just feel sad. The United States could be, used to be, better than this.

    • The House of Representative has never been a lagoon of Good Governance. It has always been the Open Seas with its wild waves, counter currents and occasional calms.
      Chest thumping, boasting and insulting are prerogatives of a Congressional seat. Fortunately, canes are no longer in fashion so that battery is no longer the issue it was in the XIXth century.


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