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Friday, April 23, 2021

Roger Downey

Born in Canada moved to Peru's altiplano at the age of six; came to the U.S. at 10 to discover that you don't use your feet to dribble the ball. Learned from the git-go that "America" is an idea, not a place.

David to Goliath: Setting the New York Times straight

The New York Times still claims to contain “all the news that’s fit to print.” But it also delivers a constant stream of individual views on every subject under...

Mark Morris Mozart @Meany

Mark Morris created greatness early in his career. Though he then made plenty of memorable dances, observers wondered if he could ever create another to match his stunning debut. This work, set to Mozart, became that piece.

Ice Dam flood? We Can Top That!

Himalayan glacier disaster highlights climate change risks, shouts the headline; and it’s only one of many similar which the Associated Press has pumped down the wire since last week’s...

Cooking up a budget

Access is not transparency. We may be able to look in on our Legislature's proceedings thanks to the internet, but the language in which business is conducted and budgets written is opaque.

Politics, COVID-style, Means Radical Transparency for Olympia Lawmakers

Every legislator now carries an official phone, to be used whenever conducting the public’s business. The logs of said phones are archived and accessible to public enquiry.

‘Ma Rainey’ and the Playwright’s Artistic Journey: Learning to be Black

Wilson says he did not feel he was Black by nature. He had to learn to be Black, and his education, which began at the age of 20, with the discovery of Bessie Smith and the Blues, is the stuff he transformed with ever growing skill into the tissue of his work.

The Robin Hood of Piedmont

This morning Rome’s La repubblica reported that Alberto Cirio, the president of Italy's heavily industrialized province Piedmont, has introduced a bill to introduce a supertax on the proceeds of web-based businesses grossing more than €5.5 million a year in Italy and €750 million worldwide.

Streaming Scene: PNB in the House of Imagination

Made with determination and imagination against the most inimical conditions imaginable, it may come to be seen as one of the harbingers of a new era performance, when all forms of delivery to an audience are seen as equally valid.

Good Counsel for Hard Times

You may think yourself rightminded when it comes to clumsy thought and slipshod reasoning, but reading him is to discover what’s slipshod and clumsy in your own thought. You don’t just learn about how “the enemy” thinks and acts, you discover how your own compromises and oversimplifications help him get away with it.

Have I got an Opera for you!

In this spare, intense revival from the Opera am Rhein in Düssedorf, it fits our current national mood like an Iron Maiden.

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