Reasonable Human Versus The Oleaginous Pence

While Trump tries to bludgeon you with brute force with his version of the world, Pence oozes over-the-top sincerity wrapped in a constant spew of faux flattery for the all-wise “American people.” While the styles are different, the intents are the same. The ever-obsequious Pence is, in fact, the almost perfect complement – the Mini-Me – to the crude and erratic Trump.

The Fly-By-Night Debate

Pence lost the audience, resorting to slow droning responses and adopting a tight-lipped demeanor and pained frown. He was like the juror you wouldn't select for your jury.

The Subtext Sweepstakes: Not Even Close for Kamala Harris or Jay Inslee

Harris was waiting for those faux-courtly gestures and trapped him into appearing rude and a clueless mansplainer. Her smiling glares and retorts were lethal: "I will not stand to be lectured."

Kamala Wins, But Mike Didn’t Lose

While I thought tonight’s back and forth was pretty close, and both sides got some moments to like about their candidate, it was clear nothing happened to change to change substantively the status quo. But a draw translates to a big win for Biden/Harris.

And the MVP goes to… The Fly

Even if boring, at least it was a debate. Both candidates made the points they needed to make. Neither committed a grievous error. If you went into it liking Biden-Harris, you were wowed by Kamala. If you went into it committed to Trump-Pence, you were happy to wear your MAGA hat.

My Kingdom for a “Kill” Switch

Most disturbing was the end when Pence dodged the question of what he would do if Trump loses the election and refuses to submit to a peaceful transition of power. Like Trump, his position is that they aren't going to lose. Not very reassuring in view of the double-digit deficit of the Trump-Pence ticket in the latest polls.

Interruptions by any other Name

Mike Pence was not as obnoxious and disruptive as his boss was in the first presidential debate, but relied on similar tactics

Mike Pence: Standard Bearer for A Tattered Party

Pence pushed hard with claims about what good things Trump supposedly has done. He lost that point on the trade war when Kamala Harris hit him with job losses and the impact on farmer incomes.