Mindy Cameron

Mindy Cameron, a retired journalist, lives with her husband on rural acreage near Sandpoint, Idaho. She is a former editorial page editor at The Seattle Times and managing editor at the Lewiston Morning Tribune. She also worked at the Idaho Statesman in Boise and for public television in Boise and Rochester, New York.

Reclaiming Idaho: Bringing People into the Political Process

Bonner County held elections for a library board, a hospital board, and a school levy. All faced attacks from the extremist wing of the GOP. In each case active engagement at the grassroots defeated misinformation. Experienced candidates for the library and hospital boards defeated lies of their challengers,

Explaining Idaho: Growing Fast and Changing Politically

My North Idaho neighborhood is a tiny blue puddle in a sea of red. For all the talk (hope?) that the influx of newcomers would moderate the politics of Idaho, the opposite is the reality. The last Democrat to win an Idaho presidential election was Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Frank Blethen, Happy Warrior, Gives a Glowing Progress Report for The Times

The 75-year-old publisher confirmed that he will stay on another five years. The Seattle Times company, he said, “is in the best position we’ve been in over the past 10-15 years.”

The Hard, and Hard-Earned, Truths About Abortion

Abortion was legal for much of the nation’s early history. Under English common law, the cornerstone of American jurisprudence, abortions performed prior to “quickening” (the first perceptible fetal movement) were not criminal offenses. Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision of 1973, essentially restored English common law as adopted by our nation’s founders.

This Changes Nothing

Winner: Biden who nailed the last question about inaugural speech with a message of president of all America. Trump? I can’t even remember. More narcissistic BS.

Review: ‘Caste’ Explores the Underlying Structure of Racism

The author quotes race historian George M. Fredrickson: “American laws were the main foreign precedents” for Germany becoming a “full-fledged racist regime.” What laws? U.S. miscegenation laws, also known as Blood Laws, that defined who could and could not marry.

A Shit Show

Let’s not do this again. Biden caught on early and laughed at Trump. “Will you shut up, man?” “Would you tell him to shush?”His best line: “It is what it is, and you are what you are.” Otherwise all farce. Trump ridiculous and nasty, Biden steady and sane despite it all.

Unsettled Ground: The Whitman Massacre and its Shifting Legacy

The Cayuse were openly social, giving gifts and moving freely among each other’s lodges. The Whitmans built fences, locked their doors, and had no gifts to give. The missionaries, had a rigid belief system; the Cayuse, Tate writes, “were religious synthesizers willing to graft new ideas onto old beliefs.”