Empty Seattle as Seen by Drones


This violates every rule in my cynic’s playbook, but this drone video of an emptied Seattle, produced by the Seattle Downtown Association is oddly affecting:

Douglas McLennan
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  1. Very eerie! It’s like watching an old movie when the the world destroyed itself! Let’s not make this a reality! Stay home! Stay Safe!

  2. We are the ants that have gone to ground. Spring is here when they reemerge to clean up the fir duff. They are SO busy. Our spring will come…

  3. My Niece is a Front Line Social worker. She is downtown every day with hand made masks handing them out to homeless people. They are there. PR companies don’t put those kind of things in videos. Not good PR.

  4. Either An orchestrated, long planned transition to tyranny, and slavery for all…or a carefully planned mass arrest of indicted traitors, cartels, pedos..and the rescue of their victims, with the cooperation of many other countries….All will be revealed soon…

  5. I was brought to tears watching this..I don’t know why..I was actually a little confused by my strong reaction. What I know is I love commradri. I think it’s kind of like..how I feel about Alaska after I visited and spent time there..the environment is harsh..but people sign up for it..???
    Love this. We did not sign up for this but it is where we live..what is happening now. And Seattle is showing up as comrades as we pass through these times and I love this!! I’m praying we can finish well!!

  6. This makes me so proud of our city! We are doing this for each other. The staying home, being off of the streets, and now the rates are going down. We have given this gift to each other to really follow our leaders. I am so proud of us. We are leading the nation by our example and the results. Yeah for us – Seattle-ites.

  7. Did the last shot really have to be the Amazon “exclusive” biosphere building? Maybe Bezos will finally have to start paying some taxes. Sounds like a good start in helping the city get back on track.

  8. I loved this! Did not find it eerie whatsoever. I found it inspiring and empowering. Seattle strong. Not hiding but abiding. Not apart but together. Doesn’t matter your politics, religion, race, gender or age. We are all together as human beings. It is well with my soul.

  9. What happened to Seattle? Aside from the waterfront and the Space Needle, it is a cookie cutter of every other major city. Sad to see what money and tech companies can do to what once was a great city. Downtown area is truly unlivable! Please keep it downtown!

  10. The Seattle Downtown Association needs to keep all of its outtakes from this video. Some future disaster movie will definitely want it as stock video.

  11. As I watched it I thought, it would be great if we could keep Seattle free of all the people who have congested Seattle. Over the years it’s been overwhelming to see all the people coming here, creating mass pollution.

  12. Very nice. Yes it’s edited. Showing the best of the city. Our doing as the Governor recommends and staying in and keeping our space is dropping the rise of new cases. Seattle strong.

  13. A bit misleading, picked the best part of the bad spots at the best time of the day. Bell town is boarded up, Pioneer Square is dirtier than dirt and overrun with homeless people and tents lining the streets. Of course it looks better from 500 feet


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