David Buerge

Look West: Choreography of the Stars

Gazing westward these nights, it is possible to grasp how we fit into this stupendous ballet. 

Thousand-Year Wonders: The Majesty of Northwest Forests

Left alone, these forests will last thousands of years and rise to immense heights.  Can we live in such close proximity?  The Duwamish did.

Oso Strong: Scene of the Slide

A week after the slide, a spokesman for the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management said, “…the hillside that collapsed had been considered ‘very safe’ and the slide came out of nowhere.”

Skin-of-the-Teeth Survival: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Of crushing historical weight, the days -- the Event -- beg remembrance. 

Haves and Have-Nots: Why were Seattle’s First People Erased at West Seattle Bridge Reopening?

Recognized tribes, with billions in gambling revenue to fund generous political donations, have worked to erase the unrecognized Duwamish Tribe as a threat and a tribe.

Thanks to Queen Elizabeth, I Became a Teenage Royalist

In my dark and threatening world the Royal Family glittered. 

The Real Duwamish

A tragic, 167-year-old question in local history: Why did the Duwamish receive no reservation in their homeland? 

Succession: Russia’s Troubled Leadership Transitions

Russia's history is marked by violence and assassinations. Somehow, in some way, Russian politicians must find ways to enable the peaceful transfer of power.

Primer: Who are the Ukrainians?

Ukraine’s mosaic of people lived between turbulent powers. 

Media Frenzy for a Northwest Desperado: The Life and Legend of Harry Tracy

The Old West may feel like ancient history to most of us, but one of the bloodiest and most colorful of western outlaws ended his days right here in our Pacific Northwest just 119 years ago when Seattle was already a bustling, modern metropolis.