Mark Hinshaw

Mark Hinshaw is a retired architect and city planner who lived in Seattle for more than 40 years. For 12 years he had a regular column on architecture for The Seattle Times and later was a frequent contributor to Crosscut. He now lives in a small hill town in Italy.

Eataly — When Even Italy is trying to Fake Italy

Already Eataly has outlets in 37 major cities around the world, and the American invasion (New York, Chicago, Boston, Vegas, Dallas, Hollywood) is under way, providing merchandise, food, takeout, delivery, classes, and spectacle. Among the various ideas floated for the empty ground floor of Seattle's downtown Macy's: an Eataly.

Repairing Italy: A Glorious Football Win

Throughout the countryside in the valleys below our house, we could hear cars honking for hours and watch an inky sky lit up with random fireworks. It was also a celebration of being released from 18 months of confinement. With the removal of restrictions, finally we could enjoy this moment of collective spirit to the fullest.

But Wait! There’s More!: Adventures in Buying an Electric Car in Italy

The savings from not buying gas, not maintaining an internal combustion car, not paying the normal taxes, no ZTL fines, no speeding tickets, and not needing to rent cars for long road trips means buying an electric car virtually pays for itself. Not quite, but close. Close enough for it to make a lot of sense.

Italy: Rethinking Tourism before the Hordes Return?

Italy is returning to normal, which is a relief. But now the country, as many places, has to figure out how not to return to the normal of harmful, soulless tourism.

In the Absence of Packaging… A social life emerges

Sometimes it’s the thinnest of membranes that separate us from each other. This came to mind when I was contemplating our dramatic change of shopping habits over the last...

The Year of Living Pandemically — Italian-Style

The First Wave of Covid hit like a freight train. Then came a second wave, even worse. But the government has adapted and neighbors have turned out to help small businesses.

Working with the Land: New In US, Centuries-in-the-Making in Italy

The practices that seemed dramatically innovative in the U.S. have been in use for centuries here. One simply does not build inside, or near, a floodplain.

Can Weyerhaeuser’s Iconic HQ be Saved and Repurposed?

While most of the old Weyerhaeuser campus in Federal Way could well be demolished and replaced with pedestrian commercial uses, this building could instead be re-purposed and acquire a new life.

Is that all there is? Bellingham’s Attempt to Reclaim its Waterfront

These ambitious waterfront projects normally deploy the resources of large cities. Even then, as in Seattle, these efforts are littered with setbacks, political stumbles, litigation, and misguided public-sector largesse.

Postcard from Italy: A Town of Music

The couple is determined to make the best of the limitations imposed during the pandemic. With performance venues closed, they have turned to the medium of the internet.

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