Mark Hinshaw

Mark Hinshaw is a retired architect and city planner who lived in Seattle for more than 40 years. For 12 years he had a regular column on architecture for The Seattle Times and later was a frequent contributor to Crosscut. He now lives in a small hill town in Italy.

Tracking Time in Italy

Living in Italy is like living inside multiple, simultaneous movies, with an endless selection of historic periods, subjects, and surroundings.

Home-Based Farming, Italian Style

Italy is a land of family farms, and as expats there we enjoy produce, meats, and dairy products as fresh as possible, with daily deliveries via small trucks that ascend to our hilltop village in the early morning.

The Barber of Civility

I chose Dante’s little shop to begin my series because it seemed to me a microcosmic metaphor for Italian culture as a whole.

Liberating Italy

It is not without reason that the end to the daily horrors of 78 years ago are celebrated with fanfare.

View from Abroad: The Disunited States of America

So perhaps the Great American Experiment is just that – a noble effort, certainly, but perhaps doomed to fail.

You Say Pizza, I Say Pinsa!

The Romans made it way before tomatoes were introduced into the culture. In the early years of this century, an enterprising Roman chef claims to have re-discovered pinsa.

Driving in Italy: Lost in a Medieval Maze

Driving in Italy can be hazardous to one’s mental health.

Italy — A Town That Really Works

A millennium of municipal governance has paid off. I have not seen such efficiency and dedication anywhere else.

Italy — Living Among Farms

"The farms of our Marche region feel approachable, intimate, and reflect individual family traditions."

Italy’s Holidays: Lost in Translation

"When we asked our village butcher to get us a whole turkey the first year, he politely asked if we wanted it alive or dead."