The Day a Plane Landed on the Roof of the Bon Marche

It was 1929. Seeing that it was impossible to return to Boeing Field, Robert Wark scanned the territory below.  The smoothest, nearest flat area was the roof the Bon Marche, Seattle’s premier downtown department store (later Macy’s).


Second GOP Debate: Running Against China

Inequality, the big issue four years ago, is not what bothers Republicans. What boiled the political juices of the seven on stage Wednesday night was China.


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Shaken to our Core: AI as a Change Agent

Remember Google’s early motto: “Don’t be evil”? With superintelligence they might be. And there’s Facebook’s motto, “Move fast and break things.” They’re racing to develop superintelligence and this kind of thinking still animates the tech companies. With AI they’re pretty likely to break things.


Bring Back Asylums?

The author proposes not the large institutions of he past, but small supported living units that offer drug treatment, case management, and lockable doors.



Sharon Lee’s 30-year Crusade for Low-Income Housing

The low-key Lee doesn’t dress the part of big-time developer. Most days she could easily be mistaken for one of her less-provident tenants. Explanation for her advocacy may lie in her interesting biography.



Going Rogue in the Applegate AVA

Though most of the valley’s wineries are quite small and the wines sold principally out of tasting rooms and local retailers, a few have reached beyond and deserve much wider recognition.