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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Abe Bergman

Abe Bergman is professor emeritus in pediatrics at the University of Washington

Coronavirus Fallout: The End Of Meetings (We Hope?)

Particularly in the public sector, large and frequent and long meetings, and task forces, have become badges of pride. Enough, already!

Dynamic Duo: When Maggie And Scoop Made The Senate Work For Us

Jackson and Magnuson each established a formidable legislative record. When it came to getting bills passed in Congress, these senators would put today’s Congress to shame.

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Godden on West Seattle: Bring Back the Mosquito Fleet? (and other news)

A new way to get off West Seattle, and a local city's leg-pulling twitter site.

Take Back the Streets: Remaking Seattle As ‘The Outdoors City’

Restaurants are reinventing themselves in this way, knowing that eating outdoors is healthier for resisting transmission of the coronavirus. Might Seattle reinvent itself broadly as an outdoors city, despite the mild and rainy winters?

Coming Up: Live Zoomcast with Mort Kondracke And David Domke on Election 2020

Mort Kondracke Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum, a nonprofit membership library in the Pike Place Market, is launching a...

Early Handicapping 2020 Washington State Elections

Until very recently the King County suburbs were the state’s main battleground. Now the swing districts are in Pierce, Mason, Clark, Cowlitz, Skagit, Island, and Whatcom counties. There are ZERO competitive partisan races in King County this year.

Northeastern Oregon, Where Wearing Masks is a Signal

The wearing and non-wearing of masks serves as a convenient statement in this rural county. Wearing one in town I definitely felt like I was signaling my tribal identity, which seems crazy, but there it is."