Abe Bergman

Abe Bergman is professor emeritus in pediatrics at the University of Washington

Bring Back Asylums?

The author proposes not the large institutions of he past, but small supported living units that offer drug treatment, case management, and lockable doors.

A King County Jail Crisis — and What to Do About It

Such conditions are akin to those found in jails of third-world countries ruled by despots.

A Citizen Lobbyist Learns the Subtle Arts of Influencing Olympia

In the early 1990s, however, my lobbying became more difficult. Because my targets were no longer politicians, but administrative staff in the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), whose default response to change was "no."

How Jerry Grinstein Saved Maggie and Also Rescued Delta Airlines

Grinstein's most important maxim: “Focus on a circumscribed objective that is attainable.” I asked Jerry how we could direct public attention to the problem. “Find a fire-hydrant to piss on,” he said.

Coronavirus Fallout: The End Of Meetings (We Hope?)

Particularly in the public sector, large and frequent and long meetings, and task forces, have become badges of pride. Enough, already!

Dynamic Duo: When Maggie And Scoop Made The Senate Work For Us

Jackson and Magnuson each established a formidable legislative record. When it came to getting bills passed in Congress, these senators would put today’s Congress to shame.