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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Ninja Warriors Debate

TV entertainment now deeply undergirds the forms of our political discourse.  In the year 2016 we had...

Debate: battlers versus bridgers

Sen. Cory Booker was the real pro in the first debate, a man born to aspire to...

Let’s Be Practical

He's unfortunately going nowhere and the Thursday night moderators half the time wouldn't let him talk, but...

Round 1: Who Won? Who’s Done?

An unscientific poll of the foursome that watched the first round of the Democrat’s “Debates” where I was revealed substantial agreement.The winner?...

A Tough Two Hours…..

At least for moderators - how to get meaningful discussion in one minute and 30 second bursts with 10 different candidates often...

The Debate Of No Trump, No Biden

Nobody really disqualified themselves, though no one really stepped up to dominate. Inslee had a great first...

Dem Debate 1

Quick takes on the first debate which made history when three women stepped on stage.

10 Hot Takes on the First Democratic Debate Night

Ten hot takes on the first night of the first Democratic debate: 1) Warren dominated the first half of the debate. She had a clear...

No Big Winners, No Big Surprises

My take on tonight's 10, in roughly descending order of performance: 1 - Elizabeth Warren -- met the high expectations of...