Those Spam Scammers Deserve a Special Kind of Hell

to be necessary for getting me “the refund to which I was entitled,” I thought “this is nuts . . . this is a scam . . . goodbye.”

Pope Francis To US Bishops: Stay Out of Politics!

The Pope had a long chat with reporters during a return flight from Slovakia to Rome. He was asked about the communion flap in the United States.

On a Tour with a Cartooning Librarian

Equipped with her trusty pencil (maybe a pen now) she irreverently cartoons everything she spots during her strolls across the city: from vintage fire hydrants (would you believe we have 18,000?) to company logos stamped on the bricks that paved Seattle streets.

Biden’s EPA Finds a New Weapon in the War Against Alaska’s Pebble Mine

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is moving to permanently block the proposed Pebble Mine project, which would locate a mile-square copper and gold mine between two of the most productive river watersheds supporting the salmon fishery of Alaska’s Bristol Bay.

How Tennis Came to the Pacific Northwest

The Olympic Tennis Club near Seattle’s Madison and Boren streets (atop First Hill, then a fashionable neighborhood) was founded in 1890, with courts scattered around and  early club dances held in a “large riding stable.” It was later named the Seattle Tennis Club and moved to Lake Washington.

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The Man Who Designed The World Trade Center’s Twin Towers

Though he was never a fan of the egotistical desire to build the world’s tallest building, he saw some recompense in the fact that sending the towers into the air would create room for a large plaza at the base that would grant relief from the dense urban fabric of Lower Manhattan.

Letter from Santa Fe: The “City Different”

Santa Fe is a unique and bewitching place, rich with cultural amenities, surrounded by stunning countryside and with lots of progressive thinking. It's a place where one can make friends easily, receive more types of alternative health treatments than ever imagined, and feast on the famed regional cuisine.