Brad Holden

Keep Digging: the Mystery of Lake City’s Secret Tunnels

As the legend goes, the basement of the Jolly Roger offered illegal drinking, prostitution and gambling. A watchtower sat atop the Jolly Roger and when approaching police cars were spotted, an alarm would sound below which allowed all the guests to escape arrest by fleeing through the tunnel.

When Bootleggers and Cops Fought Over Seattle’s Liquor Trade

Long before the celebrated Roy Olmstead, two gangs fought each other for the lucrative alcohol trade, with the Seattle Police playing along and cracking down.

“The Bad Part of Town”: Seattle’s 3rd & Pine

Despite 3rd and Pine’s current low reputation, it has a surprisingly glitzy and glamorous past. Going back to the 1920s, it was a popular streetcar stop for those wanting to enjoy the more luxurious side of life.