Junius Rochester

Junius Rochester, whose family has shaped the city for many generations, is an award-winning Northwest historian and author of numerous books about Seattle and other places.

Eddie Carlson, Master of the Business Establishment and Sparkplug of the ‘Seattle Spirit’

Carlson’s rise to prominence in Seattle's business establishment was a combination of native intelligence, an enthusiastic demeanor, very hard work, and a willingness to do a dozen things at one time.

Baranov’s Fiefdom: When Russia Was an Extensive Presence in the Northwest

In today’s Alaska, Russian names and Orthodox churches are found throughout the archipelagos, bays, and river mouths of Baranov’s former fiefdom.  Among the principal reasons for establishing Orthodoxy was to pacify Natives, whose role as virtual slaves in taking sea otters was essential. 

The Zeitgeist of World’s Fairs, Including the One in Seattle, 60 Years Ago

The exposition that most influenced Seattle was the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.  The formula was set in place: family and adult entertainment; history and art exhibits; food and drink everywhere; and showcases for American inventors, architects, and tinkerers.

The Great Western Migration Story: Ezra Meeker and the Oregon Trail

Meeker, who himself traversed the Oregon Trail, was instrumental in the celebrations and monuments along the Trail. Today, his Puyallup home is a pioneer museum.

Where the Bodies Are Buried: Seattle’s Historic Cemeteries

The city's pioneer cemetery, after several moves, turned out to be Lake View, just north of Volunteer Park.

He Did it All: Civic Pioneer T.T. Minor, Entrepreneur and Early Seattle Mayor

Minor’s spirit of adventure was intense. 

The Original Douglas Fir

David Douglas introduced over 200 Pacific Northwest plants to Great Britain, including the Sitka spruce.  At Scone Castle, near his birthplace, a large Douglas fir stands in his honor.

How Seattle’s Central District became the Heart of the City

The central Seattle neighborhood, sometimes called the Central District or CD, is the heart of residential and rental Seattle.

Injustices: Seattle’s Brutal Past with Chinese Immigrants

The U.S. Congress appropriated $276,619.15 as full indemnity for losses incurred by the Chinese residents.  As a final indignity the settlement was paid to the Chinese government, not to the injured parties.

Religious Missionaries in the Northwest: Feuds, Failures, and Fevers

Catholics may have enjoyed more early success than Protestants in the Oregon-Washington country.