Douglas McLennan

Doug is a longtime journalist who writes about journalism, the arts and technology. He's the editor and the founder and editor of and co-founder and editor of Post Alley. He's a frequent keynoter on arts and digital issues, and works and consults for a number of arts and news organizations nationally.

The Arts Online: Ten Great YouTubes that wouldn’t have been made without Lockdown

Deprived of their usual performance venues, artists have turned to the internet to make and disseminate their art. The art is evolving quickly

New Numbers On Arts Losses, New Seattle Leadership at the Local and National Levels

Two marvelous leadership opportunities. Two chances to make a historic difference. Bad as the arts needs money right now, leadership is even more important.

The Virus has Flattened the Arts. But Why Rebuild When You Could Make Better?

You can see this as nothing but loss. Or perhaps some of our most intractable debates are now suddenly shaken free of their old moorings.

And Now For Something Completely Cynical: The COVID-Era TV Ad

Been noticing that the TV ads you see are all starting to look and sound the same? Mournful piano music, poignant images, nostalgic voice-overs and hopeful messages telling us to "stay strong"? America's Big Brands are here to help. Here's a video that parodies the new form - watch and you'll never look at these ads the same way again.

The Authoritarian’s Guide To COVID [video]

In this first Post Alley video, Carol Williams and Douglas McLennan talk about Russia's sudden shut down to deal with the COVID virus after claiming for weeks it wasn't spreading there.

Empty Seattle as Seen by Drones

The Seattle Downtown Association produces this video of a city emptied out.

Cringey: Late Night Talk Shows Return And It’s Painful To Watch

It's jarring to see these late night hosts, stripped of their tech armor and studio wizardry trying to tell jokes for a camera in their living rooms, basements and closets.

The End of Movie Theatres?

It's not too much of a stretch to think that the movie theatre business - when it returns - will be considerably scaled down and that distribution will have been rethought.

Bumbershoot Update: One Seattle Icon Reclaims Another

It's hard to get more local than One Reel, its artistic and creative pedigree is unsurpassed here, and even the company slogan "Our stage is Seattle" is encouraging.

Idea: Making Paris A “15-Minute-City”

This focus on mixing as many uses as possible within the same space challenges much of the planning orthodoxy of the past century or so, which has studiously attempted to separate residential areas from retail, entertainment, manufacturing, and office districts.