And Now For Something Completely Cynical: The COVID-Era TV Ad


Been noticing that the TV ads you see are all starting to look and sound the same? Mournful piano music, poignant images, nostalgic voice-overs and hopeful messages telling us to “stay strong”? America’s Big Brands are here to help. Here’s a video that parodies the new form – watch and you’ll never look at these ads the same way again.

The video was produced by Samantha Geloso and featured in Ad Age:

The film by New York-based copywriter Samantha Geloso, titled “Hey, we’re a brand,” swipes at the myriad sentimental spots that have stitched together found and user-generated footage paying homage to frontline workers, employees still toiling away at essential businesses and people responsibly sheltering in place while highlighting brands’ own efforts to pitch in during the crisis.

Douglas McLennan
Douglas McLennan
Doug is a longtime journalist who writes about journalism, the arts and technology. He's the editor and the founder and editor of and co-founder and editor of Post Alley. He's a frequent keynoter on arts and digital issues, and works and consults for a number of arts and news organizations nationally.


  1. This is so good. Precisely what is needed to puncture the big, implacable balloon so we can get back to dying on a regular basis.


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