Kevin Schofield

Kevin is a city hall reporter and the founder of SCC Insight, a web site focused on providing independent news and analysis of the Seattle City Council and Seattle City Hall in general. In a previous life, he worked for 26 years in the tech industry in a variety of positions but most notably as the COO of the research division at Microsoft. Kevin volunteers at the Woodland Park Zoo, where he is also on the Board of Directors. He is also the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College.

What COVID-19 Might Mean For The Presidential Election

This year's presidential election has already been crazy, but COVID-19 could upend the whole apple cart.

Does the Seattle Soda Tax Work? We Still Don’t Really Know

Many studies, but a maze of results. In part, this is because there is no common way to define or measure the public health “success” of a soda tax.

Studies Raise More Concerns About E-Scooter Safety, on Eve of Seattle Rollout

So the picture is now becoming very clear: e-scooters are as dangerous as motor vehicles, if not significantly more dangerous, and are far less regulated.

The New City Council Gets Organized and Sends Some Clues on Priorities

The chairs of those four major committees, Mosqueda, Strauss, Herbold and Pedersen, will be the power brokers for the top issues facing the city. As incoming Council President, Gonzalez will also have her share of power on the second floor of City Hall. That leaves Juarez, Lewis, Morales, and Sawant somewhat at a disadvantage in trying to move big agendas forward.

Polls: CASE Tries To Makes A Case For Its City Council Election Narrative

The Chamber of Commerce's PAC released some selected poll results this week. To no one's surprise, the results support their message of discontent with the status quo in City Hall.

The City Council Election: A Pox On Both Your Houses

We all get it: you despise each other. And there's truth behind both of your narratives. But now you've both committed to all-out war on each other, and you're tearing our city apart. That's right: our city.

We Should be Condemning All “Big Money” PAC Spending, Not Just Amazon’s

Those who are crying foul over Amazon's million-dollar contribution to a political action committee are conveniently overlooking the large war chests of their political allies.

Seattle City Council’s Mad Rush to the Finish Line

We don't expect legislators to stop legislating in their final months in office, but under what circumstances are we comfortable with them dictating terms to their successors?

Understanding The “Broken Windows” Theory: a reading list

There's a popular saying in academic circles: ask ten professors a question, and you'll get twelve different answers. The research studies on "broken windows" raise this same frustration.

City Council moves to protect “soda tax” revenues, despite Mayor’s veto threat

The votes were the culmination of a months-long argument about how quickly to enforce restrictions on spending from the two taxes, and in particular the Sweetened Beverage Tax.