Kevin Schofield

Kevin is a city hall reporter and the founder of SCC Insight, a web site focused on providing independent news and analysis of the Seattle City Council and Seattle City Hall in general. In a previous life, he worked for 26 years in the tech industry in a variety of positions but most notably as the COO of the research division at Microsoft. Kevin volunteers at the Woodland Park Zoo, where he is also on the Board of Directors. He is also the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College.

After the Vote: City Council’s Start To “Defunding SPD”

Omari Salisbury, Marcus Green and Kevin Schofield discuss the origins of the 50% target, the politics that led to this point, and the deep, often acrimonious divisions in City Hall over the wisdom of moving quickly to cut SPD’s budget.

Mayor Proposes Rethought Transportation Package

Lower ridership means heavy financial losses for Metro and Sound Transit, and some difficult choices about how to adjust transit offerings while minimizing the negative impact on low-income workers who depend upon transit.

CHOP: Tragedy Of Errors, Now In Its Final Act

As the CHOP begins to wind down, we can see its brief existence as a sign of renewed hope for sustainable change in how we address structural racism. But the weeks were also filled with people making dumb mistakes and doubling down on them, and as we enter the final act of this Shakespearean tragedy of errors, it seems few will emerge unscathed.

Let’s Face It: Seattle Police’s Consent Decree with the Feds Has Not Worked

The hard truth is that the consent decree, despite the best of intentions and a remarkable level of cooperation from the city, didn’t address the fundamental cultural issues in the department that lead to over-policing and bias.

Seattle City Council Member Tammy Morales: On Homeless, Demonstrations, and the City

We have to invest in people, we have to support economic security and housing security and food security and create places where our neighbors can thrive. And I think what we’re seeing across the country over the last few weeks is, you know, not just a reaction to the brutality that our Black neighbors experience, but a fury with the systems that we have set up that we have thus far been unwilling to acknowledge, deeply rooted in racism and we can’t keep doing that.

An “Unlikely Alliance” to Solve Chronic Homelessness — and this one could work.

After two years of working quietly in the trenches, an "unlikely alliance" of business, human services and advocacy stakeholders have pitched a proposal for how to solve chronic homelessness in King County.

Financial Disclosure Forms Show A Less-Wealthy Seattle City Council

As a result of last year’s elections, the new City Council is much less rich than the previous one — though there are still a couple of millionaires in the bunch.

“Amazon Tax” Bill Introduced in Seattle City Council

When the local economy is melting down, should the Council be passing new taxes on businesses?

West Seattle Bridge Cracks Explained

Since bridges are generally over-engineered, small cracks usually don’t add enough stress on their own to cause further cracking. But combined with the external forces that created the crack in the first place at some point they lead to progressively larger cracks. Then the stresses start accumulating on the part of the concrete that is still intact as the load shifts, and the process accelerates.

What COVID-19 Might Mean For The Presidential Election

This year's presidential election has already been crazy, but COVID-19 could upend the whole apple cart.