Jim Margard

Jim Margard is a retired entrepreneurial investment manager, founder and partner of Rainier Investment Management, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He serves on the Finance Committee of the Pike Place Market Foundation and resides at First and Union.

The Bitter Truth: Investing in Trump’s Truth Social

DJT’s true value varies dramatically, depending on your assumptions. Based on economic fundamentals – the traditional measure of stocks – its value is far below its latest price.

Poem: The Ghosts of Post Alley

The ghosts of Post Alley Have seen it before development profits For accounts offshore.

Why We Should Not Build the Downtown Streetcar Connector

The midtown Connector has recently been re-branded as the “culture connector.” That designation is a stretch.

Straight Talk about Seattle Streetcar

We were told in 2014 the connector streetcar capital costs would be $110 million, which ballooned to $286 million five years later. Still quoted, that new number fails to account for the last four and a half years of high inflation. We await the real number.

Disconnected: Why the Seattle Connector Streetcar is a Very Bad Idea

The Market, like downtown Seattle, is already stressed by post-Covid challenges and depressed downtown conditions. The two-year complete demolition of the First Ave. route, followed by bottlenecked streets and supply access, will create lethal threats to many of these businesses.