Joel Connelly

I worked for Seattle Post-Intelligencer from 1973 until it ceased print publication in 2009, and from 2009 to 6/30/2020. During that time, I wrote about 9 presidential races, 11 Canadian and British Columbia elections‎, four doomed WPPSS nuclear plants, six Washington wilderness battles, creation of two national Monuments (Hanford Reach and San Juan Islands), a 104 million acre Alaska Lands Act, plus the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.

The Environmental Stakes for a New Supreme Court

Justice Ginsburg won legal fame, and icon status as the “Notorious RBG,” for her advocacy of women’s rights and equality before the law. What’s less known, is that the Brooklyn-born Ginsburg was most sympathetic and took a more expansive view of environmental justice than any other member of The Brethren.

Sting: Pebble Mine Exec Caught Boasting About Political Influence

The open boasting by Pebble Mine executives has put the controversial project in a deep pit.

The Tough Get Going: Will Mayor Durkan Stand for Re-election?

The background to Jenny Durkan’s choices offers a distant mirror dating back a half-century, and might indicate how the Mayor will make her decision whether to seek a second term.

Big Deal: New Protections For BC’s Old Growth Forests

An estimated 140,000 hectares of old growth have been logged each year. British Columbia estimates that 23 percent of its forests are old growth, defined as trees 250 years or older on the Coast, and 150-plus years in the interior.

Book Review: The Apocalypse Factory

The 560-square mile Hanford Reservation manufactured plutonium for nuclear weapons for more than four decades. Its mishaps, and cleanup of the nation’s largest concentration of high-level nuclear waste, have been a major Northwest news story for 40 years.

The Power of “San Francisco Democrats” and the West

The “Left Coast” has been a center of resistance to the Trump administration, on matters ranging from immigrant rights to vehicle fuel efficiency standards. California and Washington have filed or joined in more than 170 lawsuits.

Power Ranking: What Will Washington’s Delegation Look Like in a Democratic Congress?

The old delegation cohesion is history. The rivalry between Berniecrats and “corporate Democrats” (as they're known on the left) is likely to go on.. But there is power in the delegation from this Washington, sure to be unlocked if Democrats control Congress.

Ah yes, the Process: Trump Slows Alaska Pebble Mine, Pushes Ahead on Wilderness Drilling

The administration punted on Monday, giving Pebble Mine developers 90 days to come up with additional measures to protect “aquatic life” in the area. A moment for celebration, especially with all the fishing boats that go north to Alaska? No!!!!  The administration has other major projects to drill, mine, and log in the 49th state.

Alaska Thaw… And A Political Earthquake?

Political life in Alaska has long put it all together:  Pungent personalities, corruption scandals, enduring family feuds, plus a candidate for Vice President impersonated by Tina Fey on Saturday...

Remembering The Cool Intelligence Of Slade Gorton

Gorton was often difficult to love – unless you worked for him. But respect for the man, even grudgingly given, rose over the years.