Primary takeaways: Vouchers not Votes, Endorsements and Money Dominate

The democracy-voucher program, combined with other changes in the city’s campaign finance laws, have essentially moved a big chunk of the political spending in municipal elections onto the taxpayers’ dime. Meanwhile, the vouchers themselves are a kind of pseudo-money that has no other value to the holder. Persuading people to part with them is apparently much easier than asking for real cash. Such a change was bound to have some unintended consequences.

Ho-Hum: Undercounting the ‘Insurgent Status Quo’

Those who challenge the entrenched power of this "insurgent status quo" badly lack exciting issues, other than nostalgic evocations of Sepia Seattle. In short, the primary is far from predictive of the November battles.

Primary: Center Takes the Night

Does anyone dare predict that a sensible progressive center may be taking hold here?  It sure has in New York City and Cleveland.

Primary Results: Same as It Ever Was

At the top of the marquee, in the mayor’s race, same as it ever was.