Turning the Day of Rage into a ‘Teachable Moment’ Faces Obstacles

Putting your comments or advice "on the air" so to speak with virtual learning means this goes into the homes of your students, where backlash is guaranteed.

Insurrections I’ve Seen (But Never Dreamed Could Happen Here)

Trump’s deployment of riled-up supporters to attack the heart of elected government reminded me of late Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, whose virulent campaign of “Chavismo” lured the poor and disenfranchised to attack an oil-rich market economy from within, leading to the authoritarian-ruled basket case that exists today.

Tough Task: Explaining the Day of Rage to Young Friends

The stench of fascism permeated the U.S. Capitol yesterday. Guess what? We now have our own “sawdust Caesar.”

The Pandemic Waits for No Insurrection

I hope we got lucky, and that yesterday’s vile threat to our democracy doesn’t turn out to also be a literal killer of citizens and their elected representatives: Trump’s mob spreading Trump’s plague. A pox on his house.

Trump’s “At Long Last” Moment


Protestors, egged on and incited by Trump, morphed into rioters as they launched their assault on the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday afternoon. I imagine some thought themselves heroes in one or another action movie as they scaled the west wall of the Capitol, flags flying.

What they achieved was a rare unification of Congress in condemnation of “thugs,” a word used by both Democrat, Chuck Schumer and Republican, Mitch McConnell. “Violence” was universally condemned. “Desecration,” was the other most common term. The temple of democracy had been desecrated. Note the religious language.

Our “Reichstag Fire” Moment

I doubt that the Trump administration’s day of reckoning will rise to the level of the Nuremburg trials, but the only way to suppress fascism is to expose it – and its purveyors – to sunlight.

Some Hard Lessons from History

Another possible casualty could be the dangerous time after a president has lost in the November election and the time of inauguration.

A Wakeup Call We Should Take Heed Of

Yes, prosecute those guilty of invasion of the Capitol but we also must hold enablers accountable.

A Day of Warning

This bizarre disruption did not stop the work of a joint Congress, gathered to approve the electoral college count, but it did strip away any illusions about our 45th president.

Time for Trump to Go

Invoking the 25th Amendment or Impeachment would be appropriate. Trump has ceased (for weeks) to perform the duties of his office. He’s incapable of...