A Wakeup Call We Should Take Heed Of


There is much to be done to restore our Democracy. I believe that it is imperative that we urge our representatives to fast track legislation in this Congress to close the loopholes in the voting processes that Trump exploited. Voting Rights is the first order of business, affirming early voting and vote by mail. We need to work onward an eventual end to Electoral College, even if it has to go the constitutional Amendment route.

We must use this horrifying wakeup call wisely. Yes, prosecute those guilty of invasion of the Capitol but we also must hold enablers accountable. It would be the height of irresponsibility to allow the Ted Cruzes to escape condemnation and assume a new populist mantle.

To accomplish anything in this Congress and presidency it must get underway in the first months.
We’ll be distracted by the pandemic, but cannot let it slow the work that needs to be done.

Jean Godden
Jean Godden
Jean Godden wrote columns first for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and late for the Seattle Times. In 2002, she quit to run for City Council where she served for 12 years. Since then she published a book of city stories titled “Citizen Jean.” She is now co-host of The Bridge aired on community station KMGP at 101.1 FM. You can email tips and comments to Jean at jgodden@blarg.net.


  1. Untrusting our political leaders is not so unusual – and demonstrating their point of view, similar to Seattle and Portland peaceful protests, is not as horrific a crime as you state.

    • Sorry to disagree. The invasion of Washington, D.C is horrific to those of us who believe in our democracy. I believe Trump should be removed immediately and put in prison.

  2. Totally agree

    I also believe we must take similar action on those who have occupied our parks and their enablers . They have made unlivable. If not for most aleast for citizens near by. There is no equivalency to the DC TRUMPIAN THUGS , to be sure, but similarities for certain.

  3. If attacking the Capitol and our elected representatives at a crucial time — or any other— isn’t horrific what is? These rioters must pay and I believe they will but the enablers, those who incited the insurrection must also pay.
    Relieved to see Speaker call for the president to be removed or impeached ASAP.

  4. The response to Jean Godden by a few equating protests with mob rule are surely in the camp of the trumsters. If they cannot tell the difference, they are not word expending my time.
    They are what they right-trumpsters.
    Allan B Darr


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