Get a Grip! It’s Crucial To Get First Things First

There has to be a better way to understand these candidates than tossing them, one by one, off the island.

Biden Reasserts His Frontrunner Status

Those who thought (as I did) that Joe Biden showed in the first Democratic debate that he had passed his sell-by date, was weak, would fade fast as front-runner—well all of us were proved wrong by his strong performance in the second.

This Debate Stopped At The Border: Nothing To Say About Our Place In The...

Apparently, for all 20 Democrats jockeying for the U.S. presidency in 2020, the world begins with sunrise on the Eastern Seaboard and ends with dusk on the California Coast.

A good/bad night for Warren

Elizabeth Warren, like Bernie Sanders, spent the evening putting herself on a distant island and pulling up the piers.

Progressives Might Be Right, But Job #1 Is Beating Trump

Tuesday night could be called “moderate come-back night” and I hope one or more of the pragmatic realists will emerge and convince Democratic primary voters that beating Trump is more important than liberal purity.

Populists Versus Pragmatists: Warren Wins

Warren won. She was disciplined, relentless, on message. And it's a simple, easy to digest populist message.

“No Matter What You Say, Republicans Are Going To Call You A Socialist.” So...

Nobody really moved the needle. No disasters or gaffes, no big victories. No real surprises. And here's CNN at the end, hyping the "clash of ideas," and congratulating candidates on "scoring some good hits" and trying to shape it as a prize fight. Pretty tiresome.