Ellis Conklin

Ellis Conklin spent decades as newspaper man, mainly in Los Angeles, Seattle and St. Louis, having worked at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, United Press International as a national feature writer, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. At long last, he and his wife settled in Manzanita, Oregon. Here, Ellis continues to root for his beloved San Francisco Giants.

On Presidents Day, Our Iconic President

It is the myth of Kennedy that nearly 60 years later continues to overshadow, to outlive the substance of what he achieved.

Backlash: West Coast Cities Lose Patience with Homelessness Crisis

Up and down the coast, like it or not, our compassion for the homeless is wearing thin.

Joan Didion’s Hawaii

Unwavering eyes, like a microscope, the quintessential observer grabs you by the lapels and gives you a good hard shake. Reading her is like having a candle lit inside you.

Nicholas Kristof for Oregon Governor? Um… Buffering…

Kristof and his campaign operatives have long contended that he should qualify as a resident based on his deep roots in the state.

Should Joe Manchin Just Go to Hell?

How much longer will the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama, be forced to tip-toe around a man whose loyalties are not at all aligned with President Biden or members of the Democratic caucus?

Beleaguered Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Faces Recall

The recall movement, which claims to have close to 200 volunteers, began just last Friday, July 9, hours after city regulators approved the filing, and organizer have until September 6 to collect the necessary valid signatures.

The Oregon Coast: Lots Of Jobs But Nowhere to Live

“In the past, we’ve hired people living out of their cars. We had one kid from somewhere in the Midwest who worked a deal at a motel so he could shower there, and then he’d sleep in his car.”

Portland: Down in the Dumps

These days, Portland is struggling with the question of what it takes to make a city safe and how to rebuild it too, as it gradually opens up from the Covid-19 shutdowns.

Do it for Ellis: Pro Baseball Looks at a team for Portland

Portland has been pursuing a baseball team for years. The Portland Diamond Project has some preferred stadium sites, owns various ballpark renderings, and already has more than $2 billion in financial commitments.

Same as it Ever Was: Alaska Politics And Recalling A Rogue Governor

State politics in the land that brought you Sarah Palin populism are as jumbled and fraught as ever as current governor Mike Dunleavy faces a recall vote for budget cuts so draconian that even the populists are yelping. But then, politics has always been colorful sport in the 49th.