Ellis Conklin

Ellis is a longtime newspaper journalist whose resume is littered with newspapers that have gone belly-up over the past three decades – the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, United Press International, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, to name a few. Ellis and his wife, also a journalist from yesteryear, now shuttle (their two-year-old female Aussie named Piper in tow) between Seattle and their beach home in Manzanita.

Same as it Ever Was: Alaska Politics And Recalling A Rogue Governor

State politics in the land that brought you Sarah Palin populism are as jumbled and fraught as ever as current governor Mike Dunleavy faces a recall vote for budget cuts so draconian that even the populists are yelping. But then, politics has always been colorful sport in the 49th.

On The Seattle Menu: Plague Mentality

It seems to me, having just gotten my daily fill of coronavirus coverage on CNN and MSNBC, that we are moving rapidly into the strange realm of plague mentality, which often results from ignorance and fear.

Washington’s Structural Inequality – To Fix It We Need An Income Tax

“It is literally true, and I dare someone to contradict it, that if we reformed our tax system, it would do more to help the poor in the immediate future than anything else.”

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