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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Thanks, GOP: More in Washington are Without Health Insurance

Statewide, Medicaid enrollment continued to fall in 2019, and coverage via individual plans also fell, OFM says, which signals that the uninsured rate probably continued to rise last year.

70 Ex-US Senators Sign Letter Rebuking Present-Day Senators

It was heartening to see all four living ex-senators from the Northwest—all Republicans—on this list.

Washington’s Structural Inequality – To Fix It We Need An Income Tax

“It is literally true, and I dare someone to contradict it, that if we reformed our tax system, it would do more to help the poor in the immediate future than anything else.”

A Brokered Convention? Maybe. But It Could Also Be Over By Super Tuesday

True, the Democratic voters are split, but a key factor is the requirement for candidates to cross a 15% viability threshold to get any delegates. So Bernie could clean up on Super Tuesday.

Case Study: How Seattle Banned Winter Evictions

Passing the new law on evictions is a good illustration of how citizen commissions can originate and help pass progressive legislation. But you have to play the game smartly.

What Would Plato Have Thought of Donald Trump?

Trump is a political type of ancient origins, a phenomenon as old as politics itself, figuring prominently in the earliest debates over the merits and demerits of democracy as a form of government. On that phenomenon Plato wrote at length and in powerfully dramatic detail.

Only 16% Of Us Trust Government. What To Do?

This book’s signal contribution is its organization around 10 discrete actions to reform the corrupted system, with compelling evidence of why each is necessary.

An -Ism Primer: We Need to Define Our Political Terms

Very soon America may be forced to choose between neo-fascism and socialism, and we still have a third option, One Nation centrism on the table. But first we need to define what we're talking about.

Election 2020: We’re Still Asking Who Gets to Vote

Today, we are seeing a growing new wave of voter suppression. States, usually those with a history of voter discrimination, are aggressively purging voter registrations and passing laws imposing new voting restrictions such as requiring voters to show forms of government identification that too often people of color, young people and other underrepresented groups might not possess.

National Prayer Breakfasts: Hatched in Seattle, Trashed by Trump

In his previous appearances, Donald Trump has stayed on script. Not so this time. Trump approached the podium waving a newspaper headline “Acquitted.” He proceeded with a fury of words that were strikingly political and partisan. This was unprecedented and shocking.