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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Seattle Arts Organizations Say They’re Leaders For Social Justice. So Why Are They Fighting...

It's illuminating that the argument Seattle's arts organizations are making isn't about whether paying overtime is fair, but whether it's affordable.

Marvelous Marrowstone Revisited

All in all, an impressive encounter with what a small city can do, and how a Seattle arts organization can quietly move, with decades of commitment, to the front ranks.

Why Saving The Showbox Is A Cautionary Tale

The Showbox case is a good example of the feebleness of our approach to making and keeping Seattle a vibrant city.

Hickenlooper Out? – But First An Inspirational Arts Story

It looks like the presidential campaign of former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is coming to an end. Key advisers are leaving, and the pressure...

Transition Without Tears At Benaroya Hall

Sunday afternoon, Ludovic Morlot concluded eight seasons of imaginative programming and fine music-making with the Seattle Symphony. But perhaps the most notable thing about...

The Once And Future KING

KING-FM, Seattle's listener-supported classical music station, will be moving early next year to new digs in the new Opera Center (formerly Mercer Arts Arena,...

Total Bore: Why Did Seattle’s New Waterfront Tunnel Have To Be So Ugly?

Has ever so dreary a car tunnel been constructed as the one we just built to replace the Seattle waterfront viaduct? The two-and-a-half-mile tube...

The Showbox Becomes A Slowbox

The city of Seattle is slow-walking the decision process on what to do with the venerable music venue, the Showbox, at First and Pike,...

Ear, Ear! for the New Town Hall

Town Hall Seattle on First Hill, after two years of full renovation, has opened again for some early programs. This past Tuesday, Joshua Roman...

“Morning Edition” And The Theme Music From Nowhere

Theme music for a radio show is like graphics and fonts and paper format for a magazine. Music establishes the neighborhood, telegraphs what's going...

Has Tacoma Become A Better Place For The Arts Than Seattle?

The Stranger's Charles Mudede offers this provocative idea: that Tacoma might eclipse Seattle as an arts town: "My point: As the arts...