Eric Olson

Eric Olson is a Seattle-based novelist and essayist living in the Central District. He works as an environmental engineer, managing polluted sites west of the Cascades, and also plays guitar in local outfit Caveman Ego.

Obsession and Betrayal in Darkest Academia

It doesn’t matter if the protagonist's peers understand Tessa or not. Ambition grants her but one gear – fifth – even if it sometimes leaves her “raw, unhappy, and desolate.”

What if Seattle Hadn’t Boomed? Thomas Kohnstamm’s Novel, ‘Lake City’

“The tech boom delivered Seattle to the precipice of becoming the world-class city it had always wanted to be. But not here. All Lake City has going for it are still a few good trees.”

Hanya Yanagihara’s New Novel “To Paradise”

In this new novel, Yanagihara exhibits her distinct ability to spin plot-driven tales brimming with interior life.