Tom Corddry

Tom is a writer and aspiring flâneur who today provides creative services to mostly technology-centered clients. He led the Encarta team at Microsoft and, long ago, put KZAM radio on the air.

Lessons Learned: Facing Up to How We’re Dealing with COVID

We appear to have accepted that COVID may well be a major cause of death indefinitely. To borrow and twist the subtitle of Dr. Strangelove, we’ve learned to stop worrying and love the virus.

Why Joe Rogan Matters

Rogan’s formula includes an uncanny ability to listen in a way that gets his guests to venture out of their canned comfort zones.

Fixing What Ails Us: A Modest Proposal to fix Healthcare and Education

I think decision makers in healthcare and education need to place less emphasis on just-in-time metrics and more emphasis on just-in-case planning.

Hang Tight: The Omicron Tsunami is Here

Not surprisingly, our hunger to believe in Omicron’s possible mildness is blooming faster than scientists can support, even though the science is trending in encouraging directions. Here’s a status report.

Omicron: What we Know so Far

Omicron is now considered likely to drive a major new COVID wave over the next few months across the Northern Hemisphere. Case rates will probably break all records, and hospitalizations and deaths will inevitably rise again, hopefully at a lower rate relative to cases in previous waves.

Omicron: Omigod???

Delta was 70% more transmissible than Alpha, it's already-transmissive predecessor. Omicron may be 500% more transmissive than Delta.

Post Alley Podcast: Tom Corddry talks about Science, COVID, and Reporting on a Pandemic

Post Alley writer Tom Corddry has written a series of stories to help us understand COVID and the miraculous breakthroughs of mRNA. In Post Alley's first podcast, he talks about how he dove deep into the data.

Medical Revolution: The Tantalizing and Profound Promise of mRNA

mRNA itself isn’t a single substance such as penicillin or aspirin. Instead, it’s a class of molecules with a nearly infinite number of possible variants.

Long COVID: Slow Disaster-In-The-Making?

Nearly all of the focus to date on COVID’s impacts has been about hospitalizations and deaths. We have assumed that if we can prevent those two outcomes, we’re past the worst of the crisis. But long COVID might be the third bad outcome, emerging from the shadows.

Everything You Need to Know About Schools, Students and COVID Right Now

School Districts are scrambling, parents are frightened, and COVID is sending children to the hospital at rates far higher than before. Will the same happen here, or are we better prepared than they appear to be in Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, Alabama, and Missouri?