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Monday, March 30, 2020

Coronarrest: My Diet of Books and Netflix

As a pilot and lawyer, I’m accustomed to having a checklist to guide me through challenging situations. If the Pentagon has contingency plans for nuclear war, isn’t it reasonable for the federal and state governments to have contingency plans for a Black Swan health event like coronavirus?

How to Live an Interesting Life, The Freeman Dyson Story

Here’s the most important thing I learned about Freeman Dyson in the time that I knew him. Although he obviously spent a good deal of time inside his remarkable mind, he was also profoundly interested in the world around him. Nothing seemed too small or insignificant to spark his sense of wonder and amusement and empathy.

Warning: Daylight Saving Could be Hazardous to Your Health

Many experts in physiology and related fields have lately come to the alarming conclusion that our bodies never fully adjust to DST, and that it’s bad for our health.

Bill Gates, on What to Do About the Coronavirus Threat

He has wise advice on dealing with the immediate threat as well as the long-term problems. Among the proposals: more investment in health clinics in poor countries; extensive public funding to speed up development of vaccines, so pharmaceutical companies can risk a deep investment; international collaboration and data-sharing.

What would a real pandemic change? Everything.

Think of the damage a Trump rally could do to the life expectancy of a whole county.

Dept. Of Awards & Accolades – Why Honor Melania Trump?

I find it difficult to celebrate Melania Trump bringing "awareness to issues that impact children's lives" when I look at how her spouse's policies have harmed so many children, like those separated from their desperate parents.

Biblical Literacy, Now Lost, Was a Key Source of Lincoln’s Greatness

Adam Gopnik has written that Lincoln “had mastered the sound of the King James Bible so completely that he could recast abstract issues of constitutional law in biblical terms.”

Humor: Tips on Buying Off Shakedown Artists on the Phone

It was Seattle City light threatening to turn off my electricity unless I paid them $857 immediately. I told them to collect a $1,000 Amazon gift card.

You’re Served: Standing Up To Sheriff Jimmy Clark In The 1964 Deep South

Dispatched to Selma with a summons and complaint, I was instructed to con my way into Clark’s office and serve him with the papers.

Duck And Cover: My Existential Dilemma

It's not the fear of full-fledged war, of bombs or towers falling. It's watching the real-time collapse of my country's fundamental institution, government, and the structures that are supposed to support it.