Why the Keystone State will be Key in the ’22 Election

No place is more pivotal than Pennsylvania, where Donald Trump has yet to concede his narrow loss to Joe Biden two years ago.

Time to Lower the Heat in the Post-Roe Commentary

If the SCOTUS decision is the beginning, not the end, of the debate, we will need a lot more thoughtful commentary. Here are some examples.

Inside City Hall’s Serious Budget Shortfall

The multimillion-dollar gap -- viewed in the perspective of an annual budget in the $7 billion range -- is perhaps not horrific. But it still is bound to impact what the city can achieve towards meeting its on-going needs and ambitious social goals.

Battling Cancer, B.C. Premier Horgan to Step Down

Horgan, leader of the New Democratic Party, was a temperamental opposition leader but has proven an avuncular head of government. 

Three Reasons Public Confidence in the Supreme Court has Plunged

It is hard to like or respect this Court.

Dark Days: Supreme Court Overturns Roe

The U.S. Supreme Court, in its ruling, takes away a right from all Americans. Five Post Alley contributors react.

For Your Approval: Does Seattle Need a New Way of Electing Its Leaders?

Seattle City Councilmembers now have to enact Approval Voting outright or place the issue on the ballot with or without an alternative measure.

How J.T. Wilcox Hopes to Hatch a Republican Comeback

New Republican challengers are promising not to undo decades of social progress and to avoid the scary laws other state Republicans have favored.

Gun Ownership Rates Do Not Correlate with Gun Violence

Americans own 120 guns per 100 people. No other nation comes close. But there are many nations with higher homicide rates, including nations with small fractions of America’s rate of gun ownership.

It was 50 Years Ago Today: When Watergate Became “Watergate”

And now, of course, we are, 50 years later, riveted by the Stealgate hearings.

Coming Attractions: Weed Against Taxes on Weed

The pot industry argues that the state’s already high tax on cannabis makes it difficult to compete with the illegal market.

The Most Interesting Governor’s Race in the Country This Year?

“I don’t see that any of the candidates are talking substance. Not yet. They are still introducing themselves because, really, none of them are well-known to most Oregonians.”

Kellyanne Conway’s Self-Serving Versions of TrumpLand

"Democracy will survive; America will survive; George and I may not." 

In Tough Primary, Herrera Beutler Pitches Democrats

With an open August primary, and Democrats not fielding a major challenger in 2022, Herrera Beutler is courting the D’s base. 

Key to Winning Independent Voters: First Know Who They Are

There is a growing trend of more minority voters becoming independent voters, switching from Democrats. Hispanics have turned away from Biden more than any other racial or ethnic group.

How To Fix our Citizen Governance

The city-manager system would help at the local level, and an alternate-weekends model would be an improvement for the Legislature.

Good News (and Polling Numbers) for Patty Murray

The latest trip into the polling field finds a stabilized race, Murray ahead.

Roundtable: Seattle Politics — ‘Deep Blue but Deeply Divided’

Among the topics: the fading of Kshama Sawant, "anti-institutional populism," and the absence of an opposition party in local politics.

Playbook: How to Reform Gun Laws

There is a proven playbook to win, one that can be exported to every state in the union. It starts with hope. 

How Washington State Has Done on Gun Control

This state does have some of the stricter gun laws in the country. Advocates rank Washington as 10th toughest in the nation.

How the Supreme Court Lost the People’s Confidence

"If people do lose – or have already lost – confidence in the Supreme Court, the new majority has no one to blame but itself."

Gun Owner: It Really is Time to “Well Regulate”

I want to keep my guns. But If I have to pass a test to prove I know how and when to use a firearm, I will accept that.

Idaho-Envy: Inside the Eastern Oregon Movement Yearning to Secede

“What we have here is a battle between traditional values and urban values,” Michael McCarter, president of Citizens for Greater Idaho, told me. “The urbanites don’t have the same attachment to their community."

Sen. Warnock: Are we a Jan. 5th or a Jan. 6th Country?

Georgia Sen. Warnock dispenses words of wisdom at a Seattle fundraiser.

A Glimmer of Hope for Passing Gun Legislation: A Quiet Breakfast Deal

Imagining a Joe and Mitch breakfast discussion. If the GOP agrees to some progress on gun control, what would be the trade-off?

What the Polls Say (and Don’t Say) About Abortion

“It’s one of those public policy issues that cuts across a whole bunch of dimensions and not in ways that are simple."

Why Would Anybody Want to Run for Public Office?

The state's 147 legislators shoulder a heavy responsibility. The rewards are meager.

Does Biden Know He Shouldn’t Run in ’24?

I expect that Joe Biden will use the shellacking in the 2022 elections as the incentive to announce his non-candidacy in 2024. He's wise to wait.

Needed: A Fresh Face Atop the 2024 Democratic Ticket

General McCaffrey dared to say: Joe Biden is too old and he's never going to get re-elected in 2024. So....

Mass Shootings: Something Important has Changed

If something has changed in the terrible evil of these mass shooting and gun violence — a move from the psychologically troubled to the politically/racially motivated and radicalized — something hasn’t changed at all.