Julie Pham

Julie Pham, PhD, is CEO, CuriosityBased, an organizational development practice focused on fostering collaboration, connection, and communication.

Being Rude Can Help Deepen Relationships

"If you’re struggling to build or deepen relationships, it might be because you’re too polite. Relationship building requires risk-taking."

Remembering Kim Pham, Refugee, Newsman, Entrepreneur and Father

A friend writes: “As a young child one of my fondest memories was sitting with my dad while he read your dad’s paper. I remember trying to practice my Vietnamese by reading the paper out loud and it made my parents so happy.”

History Ph.D: When to Call Myself Doctor?

In Vietnam, doctorates declare their honorific to fulfill a social expectation. In more collectivist cultures, a person’s education is the result of a community’s shared contributions and, in turn, that degree honors the whole community. In America, my choice changes depending on the context.

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