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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Don Bonker

Don Bonker is a former Member of Congress from Washington’s Third District and former chair of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Trade. He now lives on Bainbridge Island and consults on international trade issues.

The China Question: What Will Biden Do?

The Biden Administration will have its hands full dealing with a highly polarized Congress, so anything resembling the Trans-Pacific Partnerships is destined for the trash bin.

Remembering the Days When Elections Were Marked By Collegial, Bipartisan Cooperation

Regardless of whether the offices on the ballot were partisan or non-partisan, I would meet with the the Republican and Democratic county chairpersons, always collegial and cooperative, to insure we had sufficient bi-partisan volunteers to be on duty election day.

Blame Game: An End to Bipartisan Foreign Policy

For the Democrats at the national conventions, Russia is the target, since it implicates Trump. For the GOP, it's China, since it implicates the Bidens.

A Political Realignment To Sweep Washington’s Third Congressional District

Washington’s Third Congressional District reflects a political re-alignment that’s occurring nationwide. Those disgruntled mill workers and older Joe Sixpack former Dems in rural areas are now Trump loyalists. The offset is the suburban areas where professional, upper-middle-class Republicans no longer can stomach or vote for Donald Trump.

Uneasy Times for Evangelicals In Voting for Donald Trump

While the Moral Majority no longer exists, the religious right has seized control of the movement that definitely influenced the outcome in the 2016 presidential election. Evangelicals favored Trump over Clinton, 79-16%.

National Prayer Breakfasts: Hatched in Seattle, Trashed by Trump

In his previous appearances, Donald Trump has stayed on script. Not so this time. Trump approached the podium waving a newspaper headline “Acquitted.” He proceeded with a fury of words that were strikingly political and partisan. This was unprecedented and shocking.

All Jumbled Up: The Shifting Politics Of Trade In The China And NAFTA 2.0 Deals

While both Trump and Democrats have been politicizing the trade issue, the President not bashing China and Democrats voting in favor of his USMCA are encouraging. I sense a growing realization that trade wars are not good for the economy.

Latest Post Alley Posts

The Grinches Who Stole Seattle’s Civic Mojo

Banks, Baby Bells, law firms, architects, Boeing, downtown property developers, media, financial firms, Safeco -- all now controlled by national owners, who apply standard formulas and bottom-line thinking. Seattle is a "province" again.

Brexit Deadline: A Looming Crash

Much of the envisioned UK-EU trade treaty is already in a draft of 600-plus pages, with three areas of disagreement holding up its conclusion. Those few stumbling blocks, however, are deeply embedded in Britain’s disaffection with an alliance it considers a constraint on British sovereignty.

The Obscure Law that Could Throw the Election to Trump

The best example of the act’s inability to deal with what could become a major constitutional fight is its ambiguity as to the solution when multiple slates of electors are sent from a state. In that case, the House and Senate are expected to vote separately on which slate to accept.

More Broken Bridges to Come?

The saga of the West Seattle Bridge, born in the aftermath of a catastrophic marine accident, is likely far from an anomaly. Seattle's bridges (somewhere around 124) are a threatened commodity.

It Takes Self-Confidence to be a Moderate

Moderation should never be confused with indecisiveness. On the contrary, a lack of self-confidence in one’s most basic commitments is often expressed in extremism.