Floyd McKay

Floyd J. McKay, emeritus professor of journalism at Western Washington University, covered Pacific Northwest politics as a reporter and opinion writer for four decades, primarily in Oregon. He was commentator/news analyst at KGW-TV (King Broadcasting) from 1970 to 1987. Previously a print reporter, he returned to print and online reporting and commentary from 2004 to 2017 with the Seattle Times Op-ed page and Crosscut.com. He is the author of Reporting the Oregon Story: How Activists and Visionaries Transformed a State (Oregon State University Press, 2016). He lives in Bellingham.

The Sounders Lift Our Spirits. Let Me Count the Ways.

For millions of short or average height—like me—this is such a refreshing change from the super-bulked athletes of professional football or the towering giants of basketball.

Bernie Sanders and the Realities of Aging

Age discrimination is the least-obvious and the trickiest in our society. But anyone past age 55 can tell you it exists. Presidential candidates can hardly file for legal redress, but we all must look at the realities of aging.

Presidential Press Conferences, R.I.P.

In the age of twitter and other social media, it is still necessary that the leader of the nation confront in person an audience of trained journalists who can ask questions that the ordinary citizen will never be able to ask in person.

Books: A New Classic of Northwest Logging and Radicalism

If Norwegians and Swedes laid down the legends of the Puget Sound country, Finns were their counterparts in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon in lands drained by the mighty Columbia.

BOOKS: The Donald as Il Duce

Mussolini’s career ended badly, his desecrated body hung from a rafter by some of the same people who had cheered at his rallies. But while he lived, he built a cult of personality that foreshadowed that of Donald Trump.

Hip Portland Confronts Its Nihilists

Portland has not become a micro version of Hong Kong; most of the activity is not directed against a repressive government. It’s primarily a staged event for social media, used to recruit for a motley assortment of fascists and white nationalists on the right and masked and violence-prone pushback on the left.