Doug MacDonald

Doug MacDonald has served as chief executive in infrastructure agencies in Massachusetts (Greater Boston drinking water/wastewater) and Washington State (Secretary of Transportation, 2001-2007). His best job was fifty years ago as a rural extension agent in the Peace Corps in Malawi in southern Africa. He has written on the environment, transportation and politics for professional and general publications for many years.

Blown away by an unfiltered Mayor Pete

Simple outcome. I was blown away. Twenty minutes of house party stump speech was even better than I had any reason to guess I would come away with. Answers to questions were even better.

Straight From Zimbabwe: Seattle’s New Power Couple

You may not have heard of them yet, but two fresh players in  Seattle’s civic arena may right now be busy establishing themselves as Seattle’s newest power couple. Their names are… ...

The Ninja Warriors Debate

TV entertainment now deeply undergirds the forms of our political discourse.  In the year 2016 we had the framing power of The Apprentice.  NBC’s answer in 2020 is to shape the...