Tom Corddry

Tom is a writer and aspiring flâneur who today provides creative services to mostly technology-centered clients. He led the Encarta team at Microsoft and, long ago, put KZAM radio on the air.

A Busy COVID News Day

J&J announces they're almost ready to go... Washington's Department of Health gets a new star... and researchers find that Covid might be hiding in the brain while the lungs clear...

The Variants & The Vaccines: What We Know so Far

If Moderna’s preliminary results are correct, their vaccine will still suppress it, but if it becomes widespread around the world, it becomes a new jumping-off point for further mutations, and one of those might complete the jailbreak.

The New UK COVID Strain is in Snohomish – Here’s What to do

Almost exactly a year after America's first confirmed case of the "novel Coronavirus" was detected in Snohomish County, two cases of the extra-contagious variant from the UK, dubbed B.1.1.7 (poets, these virologists) have been found in that self-same county, a first for the State of Washington, though hardly for the nation. You Rock, Snohomish County!

Vaccinatin’ Rhythm

West Virginia currently leads the nation in vaccination rate (7.1% of population with first dose, compared to a national average of 3.4% and Washington's rate of 3.0%), and they're doing it by a conscious policy choice.

The Pandemic Waits for No Insurrection

I hope we got lucky, and that yesterday’s vile threat to our democracy doesn’t turn out to also be a literal killer of citizens and their elected representatives: Trump’s mob spreading Trump’s plague. A pox on his house.

The Mutating COVID: What it Means for You

Taken together, the new variant means that accelerating our herky-jerky vaccine rollout becomes even more important, our use of non-pharmaceutical protections needs to increase for at least the first half of 2021, and we need, together, to accept vaccination as soon as it is offered, and reach out to everyone who is hesitating to be vaccinated and persuade them to join us in the jab queue.

Three Hurdles to Herd Immunity

What does the path to vaccine-enabled herd immunity look like for the United States? It will look like a track set up for hurdlers. If we clear them all, we can win full normalcy. If we clear most, we might be able to manage a more rickety normalcy.

How Strong? How Long? – Two Essential Vaccine Questions

To me, one intriguing thing to emerge from these studies so far has to do with durability, our topic for today. Durability depends on two things

New COVID Death Projections: First Comes the Fire

These are staggering numbers: 90,000 deaths in January alone.

Shots Felt Round the World: What to Make of the 90% Vaccine

It appears that, of the 94 cases, about 8 were from vaccine recipients, and 86 were from placebo recipients. That’s a great ratio, but still very small numbers. The FDA wants to see the numbers after they’ve looked at 164 confirmed cases.