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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Robert Poore

Robert Poore retired after a 35-year career in the wind energy industry and is a board member of the FairVote Washington Foundation.

More Consensus: Time to move to Ranked Choice Voting?

It induces candidates to build broad coalitions to win elections. They can’t win by just energizing their base. Instead, they must appeal to a wide coalition of voters to win second and third choices.

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Letter from Italy: Another Lockdown — Mezza Mezza

We are not homebound. We get all our daily needs met by the shops within our village. There is none of the toilet paper shelf-clearing that appears to be happening in the U.S. again. Deliveries happen every day; we have noticed no big change in the availability of goods and services.

America’s Crisis of Local News

It’s a national crisis that’s been accelerating at warp speed since 1990, when newspaper revenue began to crater because the internet eliminated want ads and much of print retail advertising.

Suzan DelBene to Head Moderate Democrat House Caucus

DelBene succeeds a Washington neighbor, Rep. Derek Kilmer, (D-6), as chair of the moderate Democratic group.

Georgia Senate Runoff Key to Biden Presidency

It’s essential, if Joe Biden is to have any chance of being a successful president, that Democrats win Georgia’s two runoff Senate races Jan....

Are Biden’s Plans for Clean-Energy Too Ambitious?

Based on my experience analyzing the U.S. energy industry, I see three factors that will influence what his administration can achieve.