Peggy Myre

Peggy Myre is founder and president of Exa Data & Mapping, a local company providing marine environmental data management and visualization services to national and international clients.

Port Townsend’s Love Affair with Wooden Boats

The Pocock shells are legendary, so when one of the few remaining examples shows up there is a scramble to get them, restore them, and use them for versions of the book, "The Boys in the Boat."

Who Owns the Oceans

If our goal is to depend more on alternative energy, then promoting efforts for sustainable mining both on land and in the ocean is in our interest.

Saving the Seabed… Or Exploiting It?

The legislation is an apparent win for environmentalists. But the story is actually far more complex.

Do we have a Problem with How we Report on Science?

Commonly headlines scream results that invalidate the adage of “correlation does not imply causality.” If a study finds an association between two things, it does not mean one thing caused the other to happen. This is especially true with health-related news.

Reading Signs Of Climate Change In The Pacific Northwest

The Quinault Nation is “geographically classified now as living below sea level” as stated in testimony to Congress by President Fawn Sharp . The tribe’s forced relocation due to rising sea level is eerily parallel with the legend of the Flood Tide Woman, who lead the First Nations Haida people to higher, safer ground.