Leslie Helm

Leslie Helm is the former Editor of Seattle Business magazine and former Tokyo Correspondent for the Los Angeles Times

What Might an Andy Jassy Amazon Look Like?

Jassy is different from Bezos in important ways. He is more progressive politically than his libertarian boss, and better attuned to the social change happening around him.

At This Point Amazon Seems Unstoppable. But Don’t Be Too Sure

A major article concludes: “Jeff Bezos has won capitalism. The question for the democracy is, are we okay with that?”

Has Amazon Grown Too Large?

In the latest issue of the New Yorker, writer Charles Duhigg raises many of the concerns frequently expressed by Elizabeth Warren and others that Amazon may have become too powerful.

The Numbers Are In: Trump Trade War Slows Economy

Two economic reports released this morning underscore the extent to which President Donald Trump’s trade conflict with China is weakening the once-hot United States economy. The ISM Purchasing Managers Index,...