Jack Bernard

Jack Bernard writes a blog, jackbernardstravels.com, about his encounters around the world. He has been a pilot, lawyer, restaurateur, NGO manager, and bicycle traveler. This essay first appeared in his blog and is reprinted with the author's permission.

A Master Class in the Editor/Writer Relationship: Robert Caro and Robert Gottleib

If you have even a passing interest in writers and the role of their editors, Turn Every Page is a master class in editing relationships and should not be missed.

Top Gun No More: I was a Fighter Pilot. Today’s Remote Killing Machines Replaced Me

"Today, Air Force 'pilots' kill enemy combatants halfway around the globe from windowless, air-conditioned, shipping container modules in the Nevada desert."

Tossed Word Salad

I’m fairly adept at languages, but this language has me struggling with my own mother tongue.

Chernobyl and Coronavirus: Eerie, Shameless Parallels

The Chernobyl and Covid-19 emergencies are egregious examples of the failure of leadership. Russian bureaucrats blamed low-level operators at the nuclear plant. America, Russia, and China all tried to shift the blame by firing whistleblower troublemakers.

Coronarrest: My Diet of Books and Netflix

As a pilot and lawyer, I’m accustomed to having a checklist to guide me through challenging situations. If the Pentagon has contingency plans for nuclear war, isn’t it reasonable for the federal and state governments to have contingency plans for a Black Swan health event like coronavirus?