Tom Luce

Tom Luce, a retired British Civil Servant, splits his time between Seattle and London.

Seattle’s Epiphany Choir Sings at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's, hugely wide and long with immensely high ceilings, requires powerful singing, which the Epiphany choir fully and effectively provided in the hymns, liturgies, and a long and complex anthem during the communions.

UK Government Slashes Arts Funding in London, Boosts it in the Provinces in Mistaken Notion of Parity

Arts Council England has proposed to increase its funding to non-London locations and thus reduce the London-based recipients’ support.

Tristan at Seattle Opera

In the last nearly four decades I have seen all Wagner’s regularly performed operas at Seattle Opera.

Promenade: A London Tradition Returns to In-Person Concerts

The beloved Proms concerts this year invite back audiences and have expanded the stage to accommodate full-size orchestras. Bravo!

Comparing British and American Pandemic Politics

The British briefings on the pandemic come across as disciplined and professional with punctual timing, good clarity, reasonable brevity, and no impassioned hostility or displays of temperament. Certainly none of the speakers – even those suitably professionally qualified- would ever recommend to the public speculative but un-researched cures for the virus.