Seattle’s Epiphany Choir Sings at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral


British Cathedrals’ regular choirs go on summer holidays, but the religious services still need good singing, so they invite choirs from abroad. London’s historically and architecturally amazing St Paul’s Cathedral last weekend had the good fortune of splendid singing by the Seattle Epiphany Parish choir for four church services. My wife and I (who had been married in the Epiphany Chapel) attended the long and musically complex Sunday morning Eucharist Service.

St Paul’s, hugely wide and long with immensely high ceilings, requires powerful singing, which the Epiphany choir fully and effectively provided in the hymns, liturgies, and a long and complex anthem during the communions. Their liturgical participation very skillfully supported the service priests.

The congregation was gigantic – vastly bigger than Epiphany, an Episcopal Parish Church in Madrona, could enclose. Supporters and members of Epiphany Church were along on the trip and pilgrimage, including choral performances in Durham Cathedral. That large London congregation was obviously appreciative of the visiting Seattle choir.

Tom Luce
Tom Luce
Tom Luce, a retired British Civil Servant, splits his time between Seattle and London.


  1. This excellent choir, directed by Zach Hemenway, is buttressed by some of the top paid singers in the city. It performs at Epiphany, an Episcopal parish church in Madrona, for regular services and, each Sunday at 5:30, the choir is featured in a music-heavy 40-minute program called Evensong. It resumes in the fall and is well worth attending. Free of charge, with collection taken.

    Epiphany also does other musical programs, hosting groups such as the Stephen Stubbs ensemble, Pacific Music Works. The expansion of music programming might be a harbinger of classical music in more intimate settings.

  2. I just hope that a few Royals, bored to tears at Balmoral with King Charles extolling bird seed for breakfast and virtues of organic carrots, made it down to London to hear Epiphany choir at St. Paul’s.

  3. I hope a few Royals, bored to tears at Balmoral — King Charles extolling birdseed for breakfast, talking up organic carrots — made it down to London to hear Epiphany Evensong choir at St. Paul’s.

  4. Mr. Luce’s commentary comes with golden credentials. He is closely related to a highly regarded Seattle-based symphony musician who has thankfully enhanced the city’s artistic world. He has heard it all – on all sides of the planet. Wherever you are on a spiritual journey, Madrona’s Epiphany’s diligent support of world class choral music is a great gift to our region.

  5. I enjoyed Reading Tom Luce’s article as well since his wife and I became acquainted some time ago and I have totally lost track of her. Would like her contact information. Barbee Crutcher


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