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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Seth Dowland

Seth Dowland is Associate Professor of Religion at Pacific Lutheran University and author of Family Values and the Rise of the Christian Right.

White Evangelical Voters: Trump as Spiritual Leader

This version of evangelicalism—a movement more concerned with masculinity than moralism—helps explain the appeal of Trump, as well as the widespread refusal by white evangelicals to accept the results of the election. In a culture war that demands unflinching commitment, democratic norms are fungible.

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The Grinches Who Stole Seattle’s Civic Mojo

Banks, Baby Bells, law firms, architects, Boeing, downtown property developers, media, financial firms, Safeco -- all now controlled by national owners, who apply standard formulas and bottom-line thinking. Seattle is a "province" again.

Brexit Deadline: A Looming Crash

Much of the envisioned UK-EU trade treaty is already in a draft of 600-plus pages, with three areas of disagreement holding up its conclusion. Those few stumbling blocks, however, are deeply embedded in Britain’s disaffection with an alliance it considers a constraint on British sovereignty.

The Obscure Law that Could Throw the Election to Trump

The best example of the act’s inability to deal with what could become a major constitutional fight is its ambiguity as to the solution when multiple slates of electors are sent from a state. In that case, the House and Senate are expected to vote separately on which slate to accept.

More Broken Bridges to Come?

The saga of the West Seattle Bridge, born in the aftermath of a catastrophic marine accident, is likely far from an anomaly. Seattle's bridges (somewhere around 124) are a threatened commodity.

It Takes Self-Confidence to be a Moderate

Moderation should never be confused with indecisiveness. On the contrary, a lack of self-confidence in one’s most basic commitments is often expressed in extremism.