Robert Roseth

Robert Roseth worked for 35 years in the University of Washington's news information bureau, and is the author of the new novel about academic foibles, "Ivy Is A Weed," available at, your independent book store, through, or you can obtain a signed copy directly from the author. Reviewed as "outstanding" by Publisher's Weekly.

Why It’s Time for Higher Ed to get rid of Tenure

Proposals for reform, some coming from faculty members themselves, include re-institution of a mandatory retirement age and the creation of rolling or renewable contracts for all faculty.

Coming: Changes in the ways Universities Choose Students

An overdue change could be the decline in standardized testing. The UW has already dropped SAT requirements, and other institutions are moving in this direction.

When The UW Returns: Best To Bet Online

The science of learning, and how it can be applied in a digital-intensive environment, should become the central focus of the academic enterprise. But few institutions have given these efforts the resources and sustained emphasis that they will need moving forward.