Peter Herford

The Seattle-based author has many years of experience in national broadcast news, including years teaching journalism in mainland China.

The U.S Navy and a Past that No Longer Exists

Put simply, the current Navy, the older Navy, is less operational every year. And efforts to replace the ships are foundering.

Bellingham Festival gets a New Music Director

Marcelo Lehninger says about the Bellingham post: “The reason I look forward to the Bellingham Festival is not only the quality of the orchestra made up of many first chair instrumentalists from orchestras around the country, but as a place to grow the Festival.”

A 5000-Mile Trek to Hear Perhaps the World’s Greatest Pianist

Martha Argerich, 82, is apart from her reputation as perhaps the greatest living pianist, also famous for last-minute cancellations, a risk for those who travel distances to hear her. But not this time.

More Delays and Costs for the Navy’s New Aircraft Carriers

Every engineer’s dream of “keeping it simple” is not an option when building any Navy combat ship, much less a behemoth like these new aircraft carriers.

When China Was Open to Journalism

The documentaries are a reminder of the speed of change in a country that went from poverty and starvation to the second largest economy in the world today.

Not so Rare: The Race for Metals to Power the Green Energy Revolution

This is the story of the energy the world uses, the energy the world needs if it is to accomplish the goals of green economies, and the reduction if not the elimination of greenhouse gases.

Travel Update: Asia Surges with More Flights, Higher Fares

In 2019, pre-covid Chinese made 155 million trips abroad, by far the largest number of tourists from any country in the world.

Sky-High: Air Fares to Europe this Summer are Soaring

In all cases, not just the North Atlantic routes to Europe, airlines are reporting record bookings. This not only means full flights but increasing prices for already-high air fares.

How Hitler Was Possible in the Germany of Goethe

"We knew the morons were in the overwhelming majority. But…we felt more or less sure that they would be held in check. We moved among them with the same unconcern with which visitors to a modern cageless zoo walk past the beasts of prey, confident that its ditches and hedges have been carefully calculated.”

Caveats for Biden’s State of the Union Claims

The President said that the US was again exporting goods and thereby creating more jobs. Yes, but the US is also importing more than ever.