Peter Herford

The Seattle-based author has many years of experience in national broadcast news, including years teaching journalism in mainland China.

Begging for Dollars: Daily Emails from Trump Get more Hysterical

"Trump's team is no longer a not-so-organized collection of family members and hangers-on. Instead, it's staffed with political veterans who are building robust get-out-the-vote campaigns in key states, starting in Iowa."

When the News was News in 22 Minutes

The "CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite" reached nearly 30 million viewers every night when the US population was 200 million. That’s more than the audience for all three network news broadcasts today.

Tale of Two Taylors: Live in the Seattle Concert, Live on the Movie Screen

You can also think of Taylor Swift as an international economy. The current Eras tour will play at least 151 concerts on 5 continents. The concert film has grossed more than $250 million globally, according to Variety.

Redeploying Carriers, the U.S. Navy Falls Further Behind

The Navy has never been able to fulfill its post-Cold War plan for a permanent aircraft carrier presence in three hubs—the Western Pacific, the wider Middle East, and Europe.

The U.S Navy and a Past that No Longer Exists

Put simply, the current Navy, the older Navy, is less operational every year. And efforts to replace the ships are foundering.

Bellingham Festival gets a New Music Director

Marcelo Lehninger says about the Bellingham post: “The reason I look forward to the Bellingham Festival is not only the quality of the orchestra made up of many first chair instrumentalists from orchestras around the country, but as a place to grow the Festival.”

A 5000-Mile Trek to Hear Perhaps the World’s Greatest Pianist

Martha Argerich, 82, is apart from her reputation as perhaps the greatest living pianist, also famous for last-minute cancellations, a risk for those who travel distances to hear her. But not this time.

More Delays and Costs for the Navy’s New Aircraft Carriers

Every engineer’s dream of “keeping it simple” is not an option when building any Navy combat ship, much less a behemoth like these new aircraft carriers.

When China Was Open to Journalism

The documentaries are a reminder of the speed of change in a country that went from poverty and starvation to the second largest economy in the world today.

Not so Rare: The Race for Metals to Power the Green Energy Revolution

This is the story of the energy the world uses, the energy the world needs if it is to accomplish the goals of green economies, and the reduction if not the elimination of greenhouse gases.