Peter Herford

The Seattle-based author has many years of experience in national broadcast news, including years teaching journalism in mainland China.

Sky-High: Air Fares to Europe this Summer are Soaring

In all cases, not just the North Atlantic routes to Europe, airlines are reporting record bookings. This not only means full flights but increasing prices for already-high air fares.

How Hitler Was Possible in the Germany of Goethe

"We knew the morons were in the overwhelming majority. But…we felt more or less sure that they would be held in check. We moved among them with the same unconcern with which visitors to a modern cageless zoo walk past the beasts of prey, confident that its ditches and hedges have been carefully calculated.”

Caveats for Biden’s State of the Union Claims

The President said that the US was again exporting goods and thereby creating more jobs. Yes, but the US is also importing more than ever.

How the 747 Changed Flight

The Boeing 747 is the mother of modern mass air and freight travel. It almost didn't happen.

Tailspin: China’s Travel Crisis

International travel by Chinese will be felt like a tsunami this spring when capacity meets demand.

Big Chill in China Trade: It Affects the Northwest

Both Biden and Xi appear to have seen the need for a de-escalation of language.

Happy Birthday to Me: The Party Gives it all to Xi

At the 19th Party Congress in addition to hailing the chief, it gave Xi Jinping what he wanted, an open-ended term at the top, so no surprises there

Through a Glass Darkly: Who’s Really in Charge in China?

Xi Jinping has 12 titles and counting, many of them created after he took office in 2012. Some of his titles are opaque, but taken together they are evidence of a man who has accumulated power.

Kissinger & Friends: What Defines Leadership

There is no person alive who has personally known as many major political leaders as Kissinger.

Different Times: When Walter Cronkite Told Us the News

The assassination of President Kennedy changed news consumption worldwide. For the first time CBS and NBC News (ABC News was still a fledging) reported a major news story live for four days straight, without commercials.