Peter Herford

The Seattle-based author has many years of experience in national broadcast news, including years teaching journalism in mainland China.

At Lucerne: Igor Levit and the Art of Improvisation

Improvisation in classical music is a deceptive term. The implication is of a spontaneous, invented, form of performing. Yet it has, like composed music, building blocks that are taught to young performers and budding composers.

Fareed Zacharia’s New Book: Revolutions that Endure or Fizzle

Some revolutions prompt enduring counter-revolutions, and we may be in the midst of a Populist backlash that is sweeping the world, as is the case with Donald Trump.

The Trump Conviction through a Taoist Lens

The swirl of commentary, punditry, and predictions that range from “won’t matter much” to “bad news for Trump’s chances” -- all need to be heard with the skepticism they deserve.

The Seattle Symphony’s Latest Guest Conductor

The acoustics in Benaroya Hall are made for the big sounds of this weekend’s concerts, and the giant screen will fill an audience with the madness of exploratory overreach.

The Impresario

Here in the Northwest this list of Impresarios has someone less well known: Leila Getz of Vancouver BC. Leila who? She is a modern Impresario scaled down.

Old Battleships Never Die. They Just Get Facelifts

Battleships had a sea life of about 20 years. The New Jersey served for almost 50 years, making it the longest serving battleship ever.

Edmonds: Chemistry of a Community Orchestra

The 2002-3 season was a resurrection season for the symphony. The threat of extinction helped Cascade musicians realize it was do or die.

Begging for Dollars: Daily Emails from Trump Get more Hysterical

"Trump's team is no longer a not-so-organized collection of family members and hangers-on. Instead, it's staffed with political veterans who are building robust get-out-the-vote campaigns in key states, starting in Iowa."

When the News was News in 22 Minutes

The "CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite" reached nearly 30 million viewers every night when the US population was 200 million. That’s more than the audience for all three network news broadcasts today.

Tale of Two Taylors: Live in the Seattle Concert, Live on the Movie Screen

You can also think of Taylor Swift as an international economy. The current Eras tour will play at least 151 concerts on 5 continents. The concert film has grossed more than $250 million globally, according to Variety.